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Here’s What Worked: Pekka Prime, Special Teams

On the Forecheck (Alex Daugherty) — The Preds have been playing well this week leading up to the final stretch run. Here’s why. The Preds are riding a three game win streak going into the game against the Islanders tonight....
  • New: 6 hr 18 min ago

Nashville Predators vs. New York Islanders: Different Sides of the Bubble

On the Forecheck (Bobby Misey) — While the Predators have been playing great hockey and would have to tank to not make the playoffs, the New York Islanders are very much outsiders still hoping to get in. The Nashville...
  • New: 8 hr 30 min ago

Monday's Dump & Chase: NYC

On the Forecheck (Alex Daugherty) — As the Preds head to New York to play the Islanders, the rest of the Western Conference is in shambles. The Sharks and Wild are crashing, the Kings are pretty much out of it, no one apparently...
  • 12 hr 30 min ago

Sunday's Dump & Chase: Wild West

On the Forecheck (Marya K) — Hockey has always had a loose relationship with "rules", best illustrated by how fighting is an integral part of the game yet also a penalty. This past week has been a disaster, though. Dallas...
  • 1 day 12 hr ago

Nashville Predators 7, San Jose Sharks 2: Music City Mayhem

On the Forecheck (Michael Gallagher) — This is why we love hockey! The San Jose Sharks sailed into Bridgestone Arena Saturday night, riding the waves of a brutal 6-1 beatdown at the hands of the Dallas Stars . The Nashville...
  • 1 day 21 hr ago

Nashville Predators vs. San Jose Sharks: Playoff Preview?

On the Forecheck (Alex Daugherty) — The Sharks are back in Bridgestone Arena for the first time since Viktor Arvidsson made everyone go ape. The Predators take on the Sharks tonight, looking to finish off a three game home...
  • 2 days ago

Saturday's Dump & Chase: Two Wrongs

On the Forecheck (Marya K) — The most maddening thing about the Crosby amputating somebody's finger drama, is the constant dismissal from hockey media and coaches. "He has to put up with it, so of course he's allowed to slash...
  • 2 days ago

Predators in the Wild: Winning Edition

On the Forecheck (Hayley Alexandra) — Winning Preds are happy Preds. The Predators are gaining some momentum going into the post season. It hasn’t always been pretty, but the team seems to be finding some sort of juju for the...
  • 3 days ago

Friday's Dump & Chase: Intermission Entertainment

On the Forecheck (Marya K) — The Predators have widely been lauded for their live bands during intermissions, who vary from crappy cover bands to student groups to actual celebrities, but of course Vegas has to go bigger. ...
  • 3 days ago

Nashville Predators 3, Calgary Flames 1: PK (Not That One, The Other One) Comes Up Big

On the Forecheck (Alex Daugherty) — The Preds killed off five penalties, Rinne made some nice saves, and Ryan Ellis scored a late goal in a huge win at home. The Nashville Predators won a key home game over the Calgary Flames ...
  • 3 days ago

Calgary Flames vs. Nashville Predators: Flamin’ Hot Hockey

On the Forecheck (Bobby Misey) — One of the best teams in the last month, the Calgary Flames arrive in a battle of similarly situated playoff hopefuls. The Nashville Predators continue their home stand as the Calgary Flames ...
  • 4 days ago
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Thursday's Dump & Chase: Wildfire

On the Forecheck (Bobby Misey) — The Flames come into Nashville tonight for a battle of Western Conference Wild Card teams. Nashville Predators News Weber Fulfilling Role Perfectly with Preds - Nashville Predators I'd love...
  • 4 days ago
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Playoff Preview: Potential First Round Matchups

On the Forecheck (Alex Daugherty) — As the playoffs approach, here’s a look at the potential first round match-ups for the Preds. The Predators took a huge step towards locking up a playoff spot on Monday. First, they beat the ...
  • 5 days ago
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Wednesday's Dump & Chase: Double Off Day Blues

On the Forecheck (Hayley Alexandra) — Back to back weeks with Monday night hockey is really killing Tuesday and Wednesday’s mojo. Hockey News & Notes Preds Show Tattoos for Upcoming Theme Night - Nashville Predators Nashville...
  • 5 days ago

OTF Travel Diary: Raleigh

On the Forecheck (Alex Daugherty) — I’m 0 for 1 in road games. :( So I decided it was time for a road trip. Not only did I need to get out of Nashville for a few days, I figured it was about time OTF’s Travel Diary had a new...
  • 6 days ago
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Tuesday's Dump & Chase: Ten More

On the Forecheck (Alex Daugherty) — A 3-1 win combined with a Kings loss to the Oilers led to a solid Monday night for the Predators. But everything can change on a single result, so get ready for 10 more games of "must wins" and...
  • 6 days ago
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Nashville Predators 3, Arizona Coyotes 1: Rinne Solid, Ellis Tallies 2

On the Forecheck (Michael Gallagher) — The Preds kicked off their three-game home stand in style The Predators beat the Arizona Coyotes 3-1 tonight behind a couple goals from Ryan Ellis and a nice 25 save performance from ...
  • 6 days ago
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Arizona Coyotes vs. Nashville Predators: No Spoilers

On the Forecheck (Bobby Misey) — After losing 4-2 against the Carolina Hurricanes, the Predators need to beat another team with little on the line. The Nashville Predators return to Bridgestone Arena tonight for the first...
  • 7 days ago

Monday's Dump & Chase: Millennials

On the Forecheck (Alex Daugherty) — Filip Forsberg only knew about the Predators through playing the EA Sports video games and also almost found out he had been traded to the Preds while Snapchatting. Millennials! Nashville...
  • 7 days ago
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Sunday's Dump & Chase: End of the Line

On the Forecheck (Marya K) — The season is wrapping up quickly, with teams starting to clinch spots in the post season (or be eliminated, in the case of the Colorado Avalanche). The Predators are running out of runway to...
  • 8 days ago