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What is Orange County’s best surf spot?

OC Register (Jeff Miller) — Give us your opinion on that and dozens of other topics by voting in the Best of Orange County.
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10 places homes sell fastest in Orange County

OC Register (Jonathan Lansner) — As of May 18, there were 5,623 local homes listed with an average asking price of $1.6 million. The average "market time" estimates it is taking 55 days for an Orange County home to be sold vs. 60 days this week a year ago.
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Shark tagging near beach draws crowd in San Clemente

OC Register (Laylan Connelly) — The crowd lined the beach, Wednesday morning, May 24, wondering what all the action was about. A helicopter hovered, circling above at North Beach in San Clemente. A yellow lifeguard boat – along with two personal watercrafts – bobbed in the glassy water under overcast skies. A shark tagging operation was underway just off the […]
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El Rancho student projects take the cake

OC Register (Andrea Mills) — The sugary-sweet smell of icing permeated the classroom, a heady aroma drawing in students, teachers and parents during El Rancho Charter Middle School’s Open House. Inside the home economics classroom was a stunning and colorful display of cakes of all heights, sizes and designs. Visitors marveled at the complexity, creativity and professional artistry of the […]
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How to survive your first beer festival like a pro

Los Angeles Times (John Verive) — It’s beer festival season in Los Angeles, and with more than 60 breweries in L.A. County, there’s never been a better time to dive in. And if you’ve never attended a beer festival, or if it’s been a few years, you can catch up on the local beer scene at some upcoming events. Who knows? You might...
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Live discussion: It's lunchtime with Jonathan Gold

Los Angeles Times A live lunchtime chat with Jonathan Gold
  • New: 39 min ago

Two sisters turned their passion into the Ripped Bodice, America's only romance-only bookstore

Los Angeles Times (Agatha French) — “We wanted a lot of light in the space,” says Bea Koch from one of the baroque, Victorian couches that form a makeshift living room in the center of the Ripped Bodice, America’s sole romance-only bookstore, which she owns with her sister Leah. “Romance is hidden a lot, and this store is not hiding...
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Cowboys star Ezekiel Elliott misses practice after hitting his head in a minor car crash

Los Angeles Times (Chuck Schilken) — Star running back Ezekiel Elliott was held out of the Dallas Cowboys’ practices on Tuesday and Wednesday for precautionary measures after hitting his head during a minor car accident on Sunday, the team announced Wednesday. Elliott is slated to work out off to the side of the team practice on Wednesday,...
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First Season 7 'Game of Thrones' trailer brings 'The Great War' to Westeros

Los Angeles Times (Meredith Woerner) — Forget about winter, war is coming to Westeros. Here it is, the first good look at the seventh season of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” The first, official trailer is jampacked with battle-ready characters. Who will survive this “great war” Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is so ominously hinting at? Most of...
  • New: 44 min ago

Lakers podcast: Byron Scott sounds off on rookies, front office

OC Register (Tom Moore) — Mark Medina interviews Byron Scott who discusses his new book and opens up about D’Angelo Russell, the Lakers front office, and feeling ‘lied to and betrayed.’ Scott’s new book is: Slam Dunk Success: Leading from Every Position’s on Life’s Court.
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Detectives seek homeless man in beating of 74-year-old rabbi

Los Angeles Times (Veronica Rocha) — Detectives are searching for a homeless man who they said punched and kicked a 74-year-old rabbi several times Monday as he walked along a residential street in the Fairfax District. The random attack occurred about 8:30 a.m. in the 100 block of Formosa Avenue, according to the Los Angeles Police...
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Cannes 2017: Six questions for Claude Lanzmann, who made a new film about North Korea

Los Angeles Times (Steven Zeitchik) — Claude Lanzmann is a legendary documentarian, most famous for his nine-hour oral history “Shoah.” Now 91, the French filmmaker might be expected to slow down or coast on his laurels. Instead, he keeps going. Several years ago, he wrote a memoir, “The Patagonian Hare,” and at the Cannes Film Festival...
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What California's 'Berniecrats' need to understand: Electing Democrats is paramount.

Los Angeles Times To the editor: Back when I was a young idealistic activist in the Democratic Party, I supported Hubert H. Humphrey for president over the more “moderate” John F. Kennedy in 1960. Still, I was very satisfied when Kennedy defeated Republican nominee Richard Nixon, because I felt that Kennedy would...
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