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Sunday, Aug. 2, 2015

Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles Times Staff) — Get the experience of reading today's paper online through our eNewspaper, an electronic version of the same paper that hits subscriber's driveways. Or, read those stories on using the...
  • New: 20 min ago

Defense is the biggest difference in the Dodgers this season

Los Angeles Times (Steve Dilbeck) — What's the biggest difference in the Dodgers this year over last? I mean, besides that army in the front office.
  • New: 30 min ago

Solvang dowdy? Try tranquil and charming.

Los Angeles Times I take exception to Andrew Bender's depiction of Solvang as dated, dowdy and kitschy in the July 19 Weekend Escape, " Updates to Its Danish Design ."
  • New: 50 min ago

10 up-and-coming L.A. innovators to watch out for

Los Angeles Times (Technology team) — When it comes to tech power players in Los Angeles, few outside the industry can name someone other than Snapchat's Evan Spiegel or Nasty Gal's Sophia Amoruso. But the region is teeming with...
  • New: 2 hr 20 min ago

Before Lazy Dog, years of toil

Los Angeles Times (Tiffany Hsu) — The gig: Chris Simms, 40, is chief executive and founder of the Huntington Beach-based Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar chain. The casual dining company, founded in 2003, has 16 locations, with plans to...
  • New: 2 hr 20 min ago

Can a homeowner pay an assessment under protest?

Los Angeles Times (Donie Vanitzian) — Question: I have tried to make payments under protest to my homeowner association, but my board will not allow it. It said that paying an assessment by check under protest is not in the law. It...
  • New: 2 hr 20 min ago

Career Coach: Training to become a world-class 'business athlete'

Los Angeles Times (Joyce E.A. Russell) — Wouldn't it be great to harness the drive that makes athletes successful? The qualities that make a great athlete are strikingly similar to the qualities that make for a great business leader.
  • New: 2 hr 20 min ago

Hillary Clinton's summer slump

Los Angeles Times (Doyle McManus) — This isn't a glorious summer for Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • New: 2 hr 20 min ago

How we went from beef on the hoof to mystery meat in a box

Los Angeles Times (Anastacia Marx de Salcedo) — What with all the vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians around, you might be surprised to learn that we now consume more animal protein than ever: 200 pounds per person in 2000, up some 40 pounds...
  • New: 2 hr 20 min ago

Paradise losing: Many Hawaii species are on the road to extinction

Los Angeles Times (Susanna Moore) — Each year I await with dread the federal government's catalog of endangered and threatened species in the Hawaiian Islands, where I was raised and where I live.
  • New: 2 hr 20 min ago

Virtual used-car dealers gain traction

Los Angeles Times (Jerry Hirsch) — A move from transit-rich New York to car-crazy Los Angeles prompted Manuela White to spend more than $17,000 on a used Toyota Corolla sight unseen with just a click on her laptop.
  • New: 2 hr 20 min ago

After UFC 190 win, Ronda Rousey says she wants to fight Miesha Tate next

Los Angeles Times (Lance Pugmire) — Ronda Rousey's continued dominance of women's mixed martial arts begs for someone to bring a stiffer challenge, and the next to try - for a third time -- is expected to be Miesha Tate.
  • New: 3 hr 20 min ago

Trickle-down politics: Drought could force real change among city, state leaders

Los Angeles Times (Cathleen Decker) — It's something of a relief, if a mixed one, that the drought has surged into the role of the latest scourge to freak out California.
  • New: 3 hr 20 min ago

Immigrants object to growing use of ankle monitors after detention

Los Angeles Times (Molly Hennessy-Fiske) — The Honduran woman and her 11-year-old son were just preparing to leave the detention center in remote Karnes City, Texas, and rejoin family in Chicago, when officials sprang a surprise on her.
  • New: 3 hr 50 min ago

Pocahontas' tribe, the Pamunkey of Virginia, finally recognized by U.S.

Los Angeles Times (Noah Bierman) — The tidal river that surrounds this spit of scrubby land has long functioned like a moat that rises and falls through the day.
  • New: 3 hr 50 min ago

India's planned resettlement of Hindus in Kashmir Valley won't be smooth

Los Angeles Times (Parth M.N.) — His two-room apartment in a run-down township is a far cry from Chand Pandita's hometown of Anantnag, 150 miles away, in the disputed territory of Kashmir, where pristine agricultural fields...
  • New: 4 hr 20 min ago

New 'super PACs' help 2016 mega-donors customize their political clout

Los Angeles Times (Joseph Tanfani) — For discerning, super-wealthy donors looking for a distinctive way to advertise clout, the 2016 presidential election offers a new perk - their own specially tailored "super PAC."
  • New: 4 hr 20 min ago

San Diego bike-share program hits snags over modest use, rental locations

Los Angeles Times (David Garrick) — This city's first experiment with the worldwide trend of bike-sharing has been a bumpy ride so far.
  • New: 4 hr 20 min ago

The latest tale of woe at Wyoming's Cowboy Bar: It's for sale

Los Angeles Times (John M. Glionna) — Perched in his wheelchair, "Big Jim" Blake confidently rolls the wooden floors of his old shoot-'em-up saloon, founded here in 1893. The history of the Cowboy Bar is populated with drifters,...
  • New: 4 hr 20 min ago
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