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El Rancho student projects take the cake

OC Register (Andrea Mills) — The sugary-sweet smell of icing permeated the classroom, a heady aroma drawing in students, teachers and parents during El Rancho Charter Middle School’s Open House. Inside the home...
  • New: 33 min ago

Lakers podcast: Byron Scott sounds off on rookies, front office

OC Register (Tom Moore) — Mark Medina interviews Byron Scott who discusses his new book and opens up about D’Angelo Russell, the Lakers front office, and feeling ‘lied to and betrayed.’...
  • New: 55 min ago

Detectives seek homeless man in beating of 74-year-old rabbi

Los Angeles Times (Veronica Rocha) — Detectives are searching for a homeless man who they said punched and kicked a 74-year-old rabbi several times Monday as he walked along a residential street in the Fairfax District. The random...
  • New: 58 min ago

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is expected to work out for the Seattle Seahawks

Los Angeles Times (Chuck Schilken) — Former San Francisco 49ers starter Colin Kaepernick is one of several quarterbacks who will work out for the Seattle Seahawks as soon as Wednesday, according to multiple media reports. Former...
  • New: 1 hr 3 min ago

Trump the deal maker showed up in the Middle East

Los Angeles Times To the editor: It is not surprising that most politicians do not understand President Trump. He is a pragmatist in a sea of ideologues, and pragmatists are willing to compromise, figuring that it...
  • New: 1 hr 3 min ago

Cannes 2017: Six questions for Claude Lanzmann, who made a new film about North Korea

Los Angeles Times (Steven Zeitchik) — Claude Lanzmann is a legendary documentarian, most famous for his nine-hour oral history “Shoah.” Now 91, the French filmmaker might be expected to slow down or coast on his laurels. Instead, he...
  • New: 1 hr 3 min ago

What California's 'Berniecrats' need to understand: Electing Democrats is paramount.

Los Angeles Times To the editor: Back when I was a young idealistic activist in the Democratic Party, I supported Hubert H. Humphrey for president over the more “moderate” John F. Kennedy in 1960. Still, I was very...
  • New: 1 hr 3 min ago

Hoping to climb Yosemite's Half Dome? You'll have to wait until June, thanks to lingering snow

Los Angeles Times (Sarah Parvini) — Hikers hoping to scale Yosemite National Park’s Half Dome will have to wait until June instead of summiting over Memorial Day weekend. Park officials have delayed installing the Half Dome cables...
  • New: 1 hr 8 min ago

Robert E. Lee was a traitor who fought for slavery, period

Los Angeles Times To the editor: Robert E. Lee betrayed his uniform and his country in choosing to serve a rebellion whose overriding rationale was the preservation of slavery, as the leaders of that rebellion...
  • New: 1 hr 8 min ago

For women, Trump's new 'global gag rule' is even worse than you think

Los Angeles Times To the editor: Thank you for your excellent editorial on the deleterious effects of the Trump administration’s expanded version of the “global gag rule,” which prohibits U.S. government support to...
  • New: 1 hr 13 min ago

Advice for the Saudis: Don't believe a word President Trump said about Islam.

Los Angeles Times To the editor: Many young people in Saudi Arabia believe that President Trump’s scripted lies about his favorable views of Islam reflect his true beliefs and feelings. They can join the ranks of...
  • New: 1 hr 13 min ago

Three more men arrested as Manchester police describe attack as likely the work of a terror network

Los Angeles Times (Christina Boyle) — British police arrested three more men Wednesday in connection with the Manchester terrorist attack that killed 22 people and announced they are investigating whether the suicide bomber was part...
  • New: 1 hr 23 min ago

Former Angel Garret Anderson takes another swing at a home sale in Irvine

Los Angeles Times (Neal J. Leitereg) — Garret Anderson hit 287 home runs during his big-league career, but these days he’s looking to knock out a home sale. The former Angels and Dodgers outfielder has put his Irvine home back on the...
  • New: 1 hr 28 min ago

Baby returns in 'Dirty Dancing' remake. But maybe she should have stayed in that corner

Los Angeles Times (Lorraine Ali) — If we’ve learned anything from history, it’s that hard times call for easy, escapist entertainment. So musicals haters, brace yourselves. Hot off the inescapable popularity of “La La Land” comes...
  • New: 1 hr 33 min ago

Woman ‘extremely critical’ after being beaten with baseball bat; 18-year-old son held on suspicion of attempted murder

OC Register (Alma Fausto) — A woman is in extremely critical condition after being beaten with a baseball bat at her Anaheim home. Her 18-year-old son is being held on suspicion of attempted murder. Shortly before 8:45 p.m....
  • New: 1 hr 39 min ago

Angels to place Alex Meyer on the disabled list

Los Angeles Times (Pedro Moura) — The Angels will place right-hander Alex Meyer on the 10-day disabled list because of back spasms, General Manager Billy Eppler said Wednesday. To take his spot on the active roster, the Angels...
  • New: 1 hr 43 min ago

Trump's team issues a stunningly dishonest study of Obamacare rate increases

Los Angeles Times (Michael Hiltzik) — The Department of Health and Human Services seemed mightily pleased with a statistic it issued Tuesday. The agency’s figures showed that premiums on the Affordable Care Act exchanges “doubled”...
  • New: 1 hr 43 min ago

Watch Reds' Joey Votto turn the tables on a heckler while in the on-deck circle

Los Angeles Times (Chuck Schilken) — If you’re going to get personal with Joey Votto, you better be ready for the Cincinnati Reds first baseman to get personal right back at you. Some hecklers found that out Monday night during the...
  • New: 2 hr 3 min ago

Keep it sweet: 12 great brownie recipes

Los Angeles Times (Noelle Carter) — When it comes to dessert, you can’t do much better than a pan of brownies. Rich and extra-fudgy, sometimes the best brownies are the ones that just came out of the oven, and you can barely wait...
  • New: 2 hr 3 min ago

A massive landslide that closed Highway 1 is part of a $1-billion problem for California

Los Angeles Times (Joseph Serna, Shelby Grad) — A massive landslide that closed Pacific Coast Highway part of $1 billion problem for California
  • New: 2 hr 3 min ago
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Nylon Calculus: Lessons from the Spurs-Rockets regular season matchups

Nylon Calculus (Nick Sciria) — With the Houston Rockets and San Antonio Spurs ready to kick off their second-round series on Monday, it’s always interesting to see if we can glean any insights on the ensuing playoff...
  • 23 days ago
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