Blue Jackets president accuses Ryan Johansen of extortion, reveals contract numbers

Yahoo.com: Puck Daddy (Greg Wyshynski) — The Columbus Blue Jackets have had enough of this Ryan Johansen restricted free agency negotiation.  To the point where affable team president John Davidson called it “extortion” at Jackets media day on Wednesday. “When you see the numbers that are thrown at us, we shouldn’t even respond. That’s how bad it is. It’s embarrassing. And if the kid sits out (of training camp), he sits out. I...
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Kesler accuses Vancouver media of making up stories, ‘throwing people under the bus’

NBCSports.com: ProHockeyTalk (Mike Halford) — “No matter how much my old teammates say it doesn’t bother them, it affects them. It does in that city.”
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Rangers add microchips to jerseys; Carlyle 'unplugged'; Harding out with ankle injury (Puck Headlines)

Yahoo.com: Puck Daddy (Jen Neale) — Here are your Puck Headlines: A glorious collection of news and views collected from the greatest blogosphere in sports and the few, the proud, the mainstream hockey media. . @jordansubban = Lloyd Christmas. Spoiler Alert - hotel room doors are tough. http://t.co/xHM5gwJJ4m #Canucks pic.twitter.com/mfmEtph0rn — Vancouver Canucks (@VanCanucks) September 16, 2014 • SAMSONITE! I...
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In making case, Johansen’s agent stresses importance of top centers

NBCSports.com: ProHockeyTalk (Jason Brough) — And on the possibility of his client signing an offer sheet? "Well, we'll have to see."
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Sharks re-sign Braun to five-year, $19 million deal

NBCSports.com: ProHockeyTalk (Mike Halford) — "Justin has emerged as one of our most well-rounded and dependable defensemen."
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Marek Vs. Wyshynski Podcast: Tyler Dellow on why he joined the dark side

Yahoo.com: Puck Daddy (Greg Wyshynski) — LISTEN HERE! [ And if that doesn't work, try here. ] It's a Wednesday edition of Marek vs. Wyshynski beginning at  1:30 p.m. ET/10:30 a.m. PT, and we're talking about the following and more: Special Guest Star:  Tyler Dellow in-studio to discuss his hiring by the Edmonton Oilers. • The ongoing Ryan Johansen drama. • Ads on jerseys.  • News around the NHL.  Question of the Day:...
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Jackets reveal Johansen offers — including an eight year, $46M deal

NBCSports.com: ProHockeyTalk (Mike Halford) — "We've been told if we don't give them what they want, they'll be leaving town."
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Salo says he’d like to play, but he’s not healthy

NBCSports.com: ProHockeyTalk (Jason Brough) — Veteran d-man just turned 40 years old.
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NHL will put ads on jerseys after someone else does it first

Yahoo.com: Puck Daddy (Greg Wyshynski) — Considering how the NHL has managed to monetize literally everything tangentially related to its product – even the iconic Mark Messier Leadership Award has a title sponsor! – it’s a minor miracle that there aren’t already advertisements on jerseys.  OK, there are some on practice jerseys . But not game jerseys. At least not until someone else does it first. That’s the message Gary Bettman...
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Much to his relief, Lecavalier will start season at center

NBCSports.com: ProHockeyTalk (Jason Brough) — “That is significantly good to hear."
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Ryan Johansen and the raging performance vs. potential debate (Trending Topics Extra)

Yahoo.com: Puck Daddy (Ryan Lambert) — After months of negotiating through the media on either side, it seems that there's finally a light toward which we can all turn, hopefully, in the case of "Ryan Johansen Wants To Get Paid" v. "Yes But Is He Worth It?" Even calling what's gone on for the last couple of months “negotiations” could best be described as overdone at this point, because neither side has budged very much from their...
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Sens angry with Methot’s agent for leaking ‘false’ contract details

NBCSports.com: ProHockeyTalk (Mike Halford) — "I've been with the team for eight years, and I don't know if I've been more disappointed about anything that's been written," said Pierre Dorion.
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Hiller: Final months with Ducks were ‘frustrating’

NBCSports.com: ProHockeyTalk (Mike Halford) — "I actually thought I had a great year up to the Olympic break and even after."
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