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If you haven’t seen Ken Stabler play, here he is

SFGate.com (Kevin Lynch) — I know, I know, I can’t leave the Stabler thing along. But I thought it would interesting for younger football fans to take a look at Ken Stabler. I want to thank poster Kilgore for this youtube video on him. What stands out is his genius for adjusting in the pocket. On his first throw
  • 6 days ago

Ken Stabler deserves the Hall

SFGate.com (Kevin Lynch) — Ken Stabler, who died Thursday, greatly deserves Hall of Fame recognition. First of all, the former Raiders quarterback excelled in Al Davis’ deep passing system. A sidearm slinger without a great arm, Stabler, nevertheless, won with guile, the ability to adjust in the pocket, feathery touch on deep passes and deadly accuracy. Stabler would have
  • 14 days ago