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News Articles

Jacob Tamme announces retirement after 9 seasons

NFL.com (NFL.com) — Jacob Tamme is calling it quits after nine seasons in professional football. The former Colts, Broncos and Falcons tight end announced his retirement via Twitter on Thursday.
  • New: 10 hr 19 min ago

Matt Ryan helps Falcons regain swagger

NFL.com (Silver, Michael) — Matt Ryan connected with Julio Jones on a crucial third down to propel the Falcons over the Seahawks in Seattle. Michael Silver looks at how Ryan has led Atlanta back into the playoff race,
  • 2 days ago

Matt Ryan helps resilient Falcons regain swagger

NFL.com (Silver, Michael) — Matt Ryan connected with Julio Jones on a crucial third down to propel the Falcons over the Seahawks in Seattle. Michael Silver looks at how Ryan has led Atlanta back into the playoff race,
  • 2 days ago

Falcons beat Seahawks after Blair Walsh misses FGA

NFL.com (Wesseling, Chris) — The Falcons nearly blew another late lead in a prime-time game before Seattle Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh missed a game-tying field-goal attempt in the final seconds to secure the win for Atlanta.
  • 3 days ago

Adrian Clayborn considered retiring before season

NFL.com (NFL.com) — Adrian Clayborn's incredible six-sack performance in the Atlanta Falcons' win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday never would have happened had it not been for his wife encouraging him to play this...
  • 6 days ago
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Falcons want to use Dontari Poe more on offense

NFL.com (Patra, Kevin) — The Atlanta Falcons are beginning to understand the power of Dontari Poe. After being a blocker and decoy in his three snaps Sunday, might Poe reprise his scoring role in Atlanta?
  • 7 days ago
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Luke Kuechly: Must have been a 'hex' on Julio's drop

NFL.com (Patra, Kevin) — The Carolina Panthers won on Sunday, but they know if one of the greatest receivers on the planet doesn't drop a wide-open touchdown pass late in the game, the outcome could have been very...
  • 17 days ago
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Falcons beat Jets, break three-game losing streak

NFL.com (Hanzus, Dan) — The Atlanta Falcons needed a bounce-back game after three straight tough losses, and on Sunday, they got exactly that, beating the New York Jets, 25-20. Here's what we learned from the afternoon.
  • 25 days ago
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Blog Articles

What We Learned: Falcons vs. Seahawks

The Falcoholic (EricJRobinson) — Fact: Grady Jarrett believes fake field goals are a sin. The Falcons can never make wins easy. By any means. That statement cascaded through my brain as I witnessed the Atlanta Falcons...
  • New: 6 hr 38 min ago

Falcons offense vs Buccaneers defense: Who wins this match-up?

The Falcoholic (David J Walker) — The Mike Smith defense is here to bend and break. With 6 games left in the season, the Falcons enter a critical stretch with 5 of their last six opponents being in the NFC South. The game on...
  • New: 8 hr 38 min ago

Thanksgiving 2017 NFL games open thread and info

The Falcoholic (Dave Choate) — Enjoy food, enjoy football. In the midst of the food and good company today, you may choose to watch some football. Should you choose to do so, we hope you’ll do so while discussing the game...
  • 12 hr 8 min ago

Falcons have top-5 offense and defense per PFF

The Falcoholic (David J Walker) — Surprised? We were. The Falcons sit at 6-4 and are still in the playoff race, but this season has definitely felt like a series of underwhelming performances. For many fans, it was even more...
  • 12 hr 38 min ago

After Seattle, Patience Worth It for 2017 Falcons

The Falcoholic (Cory Woodroof) — The Falcons second-straight win has us wondering what the ceiling is, and how valuable patience can be. Not to get all Aesop’s Fables on you, but it might be time to tell the story of The ...
  • 14 hr 38 min ago

Happy Thanksgiving, Falcoholics

The Falcoholic (Dave Choate) — We hope it’s a great holiday for you and yours. Welcome to the glutton’s preferred holiday, everyone. If you celebrate the day, I hope it is filled with good food, decent football, and not too...
  • 15 hr 38 min ago

The Falcons are doing their best work in the first and fourth quarters this season

The Falcoholic (Dave Choate) — Eye-opening stats here. Here’s something you probably suspected but couldn’t prove: The Falcons are great in the first quarter, solid in the fourth quarter, and kind of lousy in the second...
  • 16 hr 38 min ago

Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan throws NFL’s lowest percentage of turnover-worthy passes

The Falcoholic (James Rael) — Fact: Matt Ryan ghostwrote the screenplay for “8 Mile” Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has thrown eight interceptions this season. Six of those eight interceptions were tipped passes,...
  • 23 hr 59 min ago

PFF: Atlanta Falcons DT Grady Jarrett leading league’s defensive tackles in red zone stops

The Falcoholic (James Rael) — Fact: Grady Jarrett puts canned cranberry sauce on a variety of proteins The Atlanta Falcons defense isn’t perfect. They occasionally bend when we’d prefer they not. But compare the defense...
  • 1 day ago

The Falcoholic Postgame Podcast: Falcons vs. Seahawks, 2017 Week 11

The Falcoholic (Cory Woodroof) — Mike and Cory dive in to this exciting Falcons road win over the Seahawks. The Atlanta Falcons beat the Seattle Seahawks ! In Seattle! With, like, some rain or something happening! It’s a...
  • 1 day 5 hr ago

The Falcoholic Podcast Ep. 37: Winning streaks are fun

The Falcoholic (David J Walker) — So is winning three out of your last four After a brief hiatus, the Falcoholic podcast is back. DW and Jeanna are joined by Falcoholic contributor Charles McDonald - you can also find his work...
  • 1 day 8 hr ago

We’re thankful for the talent on this Atlanta Falcons team

The Falcoholic (Dave Choate) — They are good, and that is good. This week, we were asked to come up with something we were thankful for in regards to our beloved Falcons . There are many things—like not being in the cellar...
  • 1 day 10 hr ago

Falcons - Buccaneers odds: Atlanta’s a ten point favorite over Tampa Bay

The Falcoholic (Dave Choate) — The oddsmakers are smelling a bloodbath. The Atlanta Falcons have scored 71 points over their last two games, allowed 38, and just beat the Seattle Seahawks on the road. Their next game is...
  • 1 day 12 hr ago

Will the Falcons bring Dwight Freeney back now that Seattle has cut him?

The Falcoholic (David J Walker) — At this point, don’t rule it out. After a game in which Matt Ryan was kept relatively clean in the pocket, the Seattle Seahawks decided to cut ties with veteran pass rusher Dwight Freeney....
  • 1 day 13 hr ago

Pieces are aligning for the Falcons following an exhilarating night in Seattle

The Falcoholic (Allen Strk) — Although it didn’t end smoothly, the Falcons’ talented roster is finally playing to their capabilities. When evaluating the Falcons going into the season, there were two major talking points...
  • 1 day 14 hr ago

Reactions and takeaways from Atlanta’s road triumph against the Seahawks

The Falcoholic (Dave Choate) — Four Falcoholic writers react to the 34-31 win. Cory Woodroof The Falcons came a muffed punt return and an inch from the end zone away from sticking it to the Seahawks in a major way....
  • 1 day 15 hr ago

3 takeaways from Falcons vs Seahawks

The Falcoholic (David J Walker) — Never take road wins for granted It wouldn’t be a Falcons game without a big lead eroding before us, but at least the outcome this time was dramatically different. Many fans might be...
  • 1 day 16 hr ago

With Matt Bosher still in recovery mode, the Atlanta Falcons are eyeing punter Matt Wiles

The Falcoholic (James Rael) — Fact: Matt Bosher never puts sprinkles on his sundae Atlanta Falcons punter Matt Bosher is a tough guy. The University of Miami alumnus is famous for acting like a strong safety during...
  • 1 day 23 hr ago

NFL power rankings: Atlanta Falcons on the rise after back to back wins

The Falcoholic (James Rael) — Fact: Julio Jones patented the combination of cheese and macaroni Think back to one year ago, Atlanta Falcons fans. Your Falcons were destined to reach the Super Bowl. Offensive coordinator...
  • 1 day 23 hr ago

The myth of Blair Walsh caught up to him against the Falcons on Monday night

The Falcoholic (Jim Lohmar) — The Falcons survived the Seahawks on Monday night, 34-31, after Seattle kicker Blair Walsh came up short on a 52-yard game-winning field goal attempt. Walsh had been perfect on FGs up to...
  • 2 days ago