Goodell can’t ever envision himself resigning ProFootballTalk (Michael David Smith) — NFL controversies, particularly the botched handling of the Ray Rice case, have led to calls in some quarters for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to resign. He says that will never happen. Asked at his “State of the League” press conference whether there’s any set of circumstances that would result in his resignation, Goodell said he…
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J.J. Watt living in log cabin in 'middle of nowhere' to train for next NFL season Shutdown Corner (Ben Rohrbach) — Much like Sylvester Stallone in "Rocky IV," J.J. Watt is training in the "middle of nowhere" to defend his title. While Balboa chopped wood and lifted a sack full of rocks with a pulley in an old barn somewhere in Siberia, Watt — who will almost surely earn his second NFL Defensive Player of the Year honor when the Associated Press announces the winner on Saturday afternoon — will retreat to...
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Jimmy Graham says current plan is no shoulder surgery ProFootballTalk (Mike Florio) — Before the Pro Bowl, Saints tight end Jimmy Graham said his participation in the annual all-star game will help determine whether he needs surgery on the shoulder he injured early in the regular season. After the Pro Bowl, Graham told PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio that the current plan is to continue to rest…
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Patriots won’t hold Saturday walk-through; Belichick happy with team’s approach ProFootballTalk (Mike Wilkening) — Saying the Patriots were “as ready as we’re going to be” from a practice standpoint, coach Bill Belichick indicated Friday the club would cancel its Saturday walk-through practice, according to the media pool report of the workout. The Pats also scrapped their Saturday walk-through before Super Bowl XLVI. According to media pool reporter Jarrett Bell…
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Brady's Legacy Secure Regardless of Super Bowl Outcome

NY Times: The Fifth Down (By REUTERS) — Tom Brady will be remembered as one of the National Football League's greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game regardless of whether he captures a fourth Super Bowl title with the New England Patriots on Sunday.
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Goodell says NFL will look at improvements to officiating ProFootballTalk (Michael David Smith) — As a postseason in which officials were a focal point comes to a close, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says some improvements to officiating may be on the way. Goodell said at his “State of the League” press conference that the NFL will examine ways to make officiating better for the 2015 season. “We are looking…
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Football Equality: Super Bowls Are Getting More Interesting

NY Times: The Fifth Down (By DAVID LEONHARDT) — Blowouts, once the norm, no longer are. This is the seventh straight Super Bowl projected to be a close game, and most have lived up to expectations.
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Pats Backup QB Garoppolo Helps Defense Prepare for Wilson

NY Times: The Fifth Down (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) — A rookie who probably won't play in the Super Bowl could help the New England Patriots win it.
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NFL tempts fate with inability to handle scandals properly ProFootballTalk (Mike Florio) — Over the years, the NFL’s Commissioner has navigated plenty of difficult situations that could have tested the tenuous balance between the Commissioner’s role as the overseer of the sport and his job as employee of the owners of the teams he oversees. Through it all, an inherent conflict of interest has existed, hiding in plain…
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Sports Briefing | Pro Football: Victim’s Girlfriend at Hernandez Trial

NY Times: The Fifth Down (By REUTERS) — The girlfriend testified that a semiprofessional football player killed in 2013 and Aaron Hernandez, the former New England Patriots tight end, were in the “early stages of friendship.”
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TV Sports: A Mere 112 Million? The Super Bowl’s Audience Is Tough to Gauge

NY Times: The Fifth Down (By RICHARD SANDOMIR) — The Super Bowl is a ratings blockbuster, but the people who televise it continue to try to learn how many people watch it without being counted.
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Chris Lewis Heeds Parents’ Advice in College Decision

NY Times: The Fifth Down (By TIM CASEY) — Chris Lewis, a power forward who has been receiving scholarship offers since he was in middle school, has chosen to play for Harvard, following advice from his father, Mo Lewis, the former Jets linebacker.
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Vague Job Outline Leads to Defining Role With Seahawks

NY Times: The Fifth Down (By BEN SHPIGEL) — As the Seahawks’ defensive passing game specialist, Rocky Seto deals with the minutiae of the game as the “detail guy.”
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Newcomers Buy Ad Time at the Super Bowl

NY Times: The Fifth Down (By EMILY STEEL) — A tiny start-up in Silicon Valley is one of 15 first-time advertisers that will compete for attention on Sunday against the usual lineup of deep-pocketed brands.
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Close Encounter? No, It Is Pepsi Lighting Up the Super Bowl Sky

NY Times: The Fifth Down (By REUTERS) — Fans flocking to the Super Bowl in Arizona will see peculiar lights in the Friday night sky. No, it is not a UFO but part of Pepsi's invasion of host city Phoenix ahead of the big game.
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