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News Articles

Adam Jones arrested on harassment, assault charges

NFL.com (Orr, Conor) — Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones was arrested on suspicion of felony harassment and misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct charges early Tuesday morning.
  • 18 days ago
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Bengals' Adam Jones charged with felony after arrest

NFL.com (Orr, Conor) — Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct charges on Tuesday. He was later charged with felony harassment.
  • 18 days ago
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Bengals QB AJ McCarron ready for offseason trade

NFL.com (Wesseling, Chris) — AJ McCarron said he "wouldn't be distraught at all" to be traded out of Cincinnati this offseason. Are the Bengals planning to shop their backup QB to former play-caller Hue Jackson and the Browns?
  • 19 days ago
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Marvin Lewis: 'I'll be back' with Cincinnati Bengals

NFL.com (Patra, Kevin) — It's been a year to forget in Cincinnati, but veteran head coach Marvin Lewis has dispelled rumors that he might retire from the Bengals following this season.
  • 23 days ago
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Injury roundup: Bengals receiver A.J. Green ruled out

NFL.com (NFL.com) — The Cincinnati Bengals officially ruled star receiver A.J. Green out for their matchup with the Ravens. What other injury notes are we tracking Wednesday?
  • 24 days ago
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Blog Articles

Who Dey Notes: Bengals’ Andy Dalton; ESPN Likes Geno Atkins

Stripe Hype (Emile Pierce) — Bengals’ quarterback Andy Dalton and wife Jordan are expecting. Geno Atkins proves to his doubters that he’s still the beast of the North. After a disappointing year, there’s nothing...
  • New: 2 hr ago

Should The Bengals Bring Terrelle Pryor Back?

Stripe Hype (Serenity Bishop) — Terrelle Pryor had a great season last year, to say the least. He has been the unanimous best player on the 1-15 Cleveland Browns and has proved to so many that he can be a star in this league....
  • New: 4 hr 2 min ago

Bengals: College Soccer Star Enters Open Kicker Competition

Stripe Hype (Ethan Bensman) — The Cincinnati Bengals have had their fair share of kicking woes over the years. Could recently signed college soccer star Jonathan Brown finally be the answer? In November 2016, Chad...
  • New: 5 hr 53 min ago

Why The Bengals Will Return To Form In 2017

Stripe Hype (Emile Pierce) — After a disappointing campaign, the Bengals hope to turn things around for 2017. Let’s take a look at why the new season could be a bounceback year. Well, the Bengals gave it their best...
  • 1 day 2 hr ago

Who Was The Bengals’ Best Running Back In 2016?

Stripe Hype (Ryan Sallmann) — Who really is the best running back on the Cincinnati Bengals’ roster? With injuries to Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard , there could be a shift in power. With three of the Bengals’...
  • 1 day 3 hr ago

Bengals: Can Free Agency Signings Fill The Holes?

Stripe Hype (Emile Pierce) — As the season draws to a close, the Cincinnati Bengals are shifting into offseason mode. What does the team need? Can free agents fix the problems? When the Bengals lost Mohamed Sanu and Marvin...
  • 2 days ago

Bengals’ Andrew Whitworth Added to Pro Bowl Roster

Stripe Hype (Frank Spencer) — Andrew Whitworth is the newest Cincinnati Bengal to be added to the NFL Pro Bowl. The Cincinnati Bengals have been lucky enough to have a fourth name added to the list of the league’s best...
  • 2 days ago

Bengals Need A Voice Like Mike Tomlin’s

Stripe Hype (Emile Pierce) — Mike Tomlin is under fire for “regrettable” language during his postgame speech. But, his raw fire and edge may be what the Bengals need. Well, here we go. At the risk of sounding like...
  • 3 days ago

Bengals’ Carlos Dunlap Selected To NFL Pro Bowl

Stripe Hype (Frank Spencer) — Cincinnati Bengals defensive end Carlos Dunlap has been added to NFL Pro Bowl roster. Cincinnati adds another name to the NFL Pro Bowl in the case of Carlos Dunlap. The Bengals’ defensive...
  • 3 days ago

Playoffs Without Bengals Is A Hard Lesson

Stripe Hype (Emile Pierce) — The Bengals missed the playoffs for the first time in six years. With the streak coming to an end, questions and lessons are hard to face. The NFL Playoffs are in high gear, But, what’s missing?...
  • 4 days ago

Cincinnati Bengals Fans Are Tired Of Waiting

Stripe Hype (Emile Pierce) — A down year has Bengals faithful anticipating the NFL Draft. With the talent currently under contract, why are fans forced to wait for postseason success? Seems like the same old story, year after...
  • 5 days ago

Cincinnati Bengals: Rethinking Recent NFL Draft Results

Stripe Hype (Frank Spencer) — The Cincinnati Bengals have selected players in recent NFL drafts that are key components of the current roster. But, what if we revisited the past three Drafts to take a look at what the Bengals...
  • 5 days ago

Cincinnati Bengals: Revisiting The Hill Over Hyde Pick

Stripe Hype (Shelby Dermer) — In 2014, the Bengals were in search of a complimentary running back. They drafted LSU product Jeremy Hill over Ohio native Carlos Hyde. Was it the right choice? The Cincinnati Bengals won the AFC...
  • 6 days ago

Why The Bengals And Chargers Have More In Common Than You Think

Stripe Hype (Ryan Sallmann) — With the Chargers’ move to Los Angeles officially underway, the legacy they leave behind looks awfully similar to that of the Bengals. The San Diego Chargers (soon to be Los Angeles...
  • 6 days ago

3 Reasons Andy Dalton Had A Successful Year

Stripe Hype (Emile Pierce) — In the midst of a subpar year, Andy Dalton quietly put up numbers that were better or comparable to his peers in the playoffs. With the loss of Hue Jackson as offensive coordinator, all bets were...
  • 7 days ago

Watching The Bengals In Another City?

Stripe Hype (Emile Pierce) — The Bengals have been a Cincinnati mainstay since 1968. With the San Diego Chargers being wooed to the balmy shores of Los Angeles, fans should be thankful. Things went sour fast for San Diego...
  • 8 days ago
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Bengals Free Agency Target: Riley Reiff

Stripe Hype (Ethan Bensman) — The Bengals felt the consequences of a rough free agency period in 2016, which saw the departure of stars Marvin Jones, Mohamed Sanu, and Reggie Nelson. This year, the offensive line must be the...
  • 8 days ago
  • Hits: 1

How The Bengals Can Reclaim The AFC North

Stripe Hype (Emile Pierce) — An off-year saw the Bengals struggle to a losing record and concede the AFC North to the Steelers. What do they need to reclaim the crown? The offseason has barely gotten underway but Bengals’...
  • 9 days ago
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Bengals Should Stop Making Excuses And Finish

Stripe Hype (Emile Pierce) — The Bengals’ 2016 campaign ended in heartbreak. Lack of preparation resulted in a 6-9-1 record. It’s time to stop finding excuses and finish. Another year, another season of the same...
  • 11 days ago
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Cincinnati Bengals: When Did You Know It Was Over?

Stripe Hype (Shelby Dermer) — The Bengals missed the playoffs for the first time in six years. But at what point did you know the season was over? One of the most begging questions of the 2016 Bengals is where exactly did...
  • 12 days ago
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