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Player Preview: C.J. Miles, Shooting Range

Always Miller Time (8 Points, 9 Seconds Staff) — C.J. Miles is hope in sneakers. It isn’t Miles himself – a player with his career averages doesn’t become a 20-point per night scorer – but it’s what he represents for this Indiana Pacers’...
  • New: 2 hr 53 min ago

Pacers Injury Update: George Hill's knee contusion adds to Pacers pain

Indy Cornrows (Tom Lewis) — The Pacers haven't been able to develop any preseason momentum with their new playing rotation as the injuries mount for key players. The Pacers preseason losses continued to mount in Minnesota...
  • New: 4 hr 23 min ago

Pacers final score: Timberwolves blow out Pacers 107-89, George Hill injured

Indy Cornrows (Nathan S.) — Donald Sloan led the way with 19 points, but it mattered little as Minnesota handled Indiana. George Hill left the game in the third quarter with a left knee contusion. A solid 9-0 start for the ...
  • 12 hr 27 min ago

Paul George Plays 1-on-1 Against His Dog

Always Miller Time (Jalen Bishop) — What should one do when you’re rehabbing? Play some video games? Sleep? How about a game of 1-on-1 agains your dog on a lowered hoop. Here’s a a selfie he took before playing. George...
  • 17 hr 25 min ago

Player Preview: Rodney Stuckey, Bringing Fire

Always Miller Time (8 Points, 9 Seconds Staff) — Rodney Stuckey feels like a player from the 1980s. He cares not for you efficiency metrics and 3-point spacing. He just wants to dribble the ball to the hoop and get buckets. While that might not...
  • 22 hr 36 min ago

Player Preview: George Hill, Changing Roles Again

Always Miller Time (8 Points, 9 Seconds Staff) — Since he joined the Indiana Pacers three years ago, George Hill’s role has been in flux. He spent most of his first season as the sixth man and backup to Darren Collison before usurping the...
  • 23 hr 54 min ago

Preseason Injuries to West, Watson, Stuckey Taking Toll

Always Miller Time (Jared Wade) — The Indiana Pacers have been plagued with injuries throughout the offseason, with David West’s ankle sprain being the latest setback. When West rolled his ankle against the Dallas Mavericks...
  • 1 day 2 hr ago

Study: Indiana Pacers rank eighth in affordability

Indy Cornrows (C. Cooper) — After analyzing pricing data, a consumer advocacy website called NerdWallet found that the Pacers rank eighth in terms of affordability. Will Blue Collar prices outweigh the team's tarnished...
  • 1 day 9 hr ago

Paul George puts up shots at the Fieldhouse

Indy Cornrows (Tom Lewis) — The Pacers forward showed his shooting touch isn't broken as he took to the court following the team's practice to take some shots. Before the Pacers packed up after practice to head to...
  • 1 day 14 hr ago
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ESPN: Paul George Didn’t Want to Play With Kobe Bryant, Picked Pacers over Lakers

Always Miller Time (Jared Wade) — An in-depth article released today by ESPN says that Paul George re-signed with the Indiana Pacers rather than trying to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, at least in part, because players...
  • 1 day 17 hr ago
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VIDEO: Paul George Works On Three-Point Shot After Practice

Always Miller Time (Jalen Bishop) — After practice today, Paul George took the court to work on basketball things. Courtesy of Scott Agness, we have a one-minute video to watch Paul George move and shoot from different spots without...
  • 1 day 18 hr ago
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Pacers Injury Update: West and Stuckey out for remainder of preaseason

Indy Cornrows (Andrew.Snyder) — An update on the status of David West's sprained ankle and Rodney Stuckey's sprained foot. Indiana Pacers fans can now tentatively breathe a sigh of relief.  David West , who went down with...
  • 1 day 20 hr ago
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David West in Walking Boot

Always Miller Time (Ben Gibson) — The Indiana Pacers are still waiting for the results of David West’s MRI, but it doesn’t take a doctor to see that being in a walking boot is a bad sign. #Pacers David West with a boot...
  • 1 day 21 hr ago
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Player Preview: Roy Hibbert, Seeking Redemption

Always Miller Time (8 Points, 9 Seconds Staff) — One of the more under-reported Indiana Pacers stories is that Roy Hibbert has a player option to become a free agent next summer. There are reasons to believe he will not opt out. Specifically,...
  • 1 day 23 hr ago
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Chris Copeland Displays Shooting Accuracy, Scores 22 Points vs. Mavericks

Always Miller Time (Jalen Bishop) — The Pacers beat the Mavericks 98-93 on Saturday and they did it behind Chris Copeland launching threes. Copeland scored 22 points, grabbed five rebounds and finished with two steals. Every single...
  • 2 days ago
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West injury cast another shadow on beginning of season

Always Miller Time (Ben Gibson) — Pacers fans already had enough reasons to be pessimistic about Indiana’s upcoming season, but it got worse. David West will have an MRI on Monday to determine the severity of the injury, but...
  • 2 days ago
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Miller Time Podcast Episode #80: Eastern Conference Preview

Always Miller Time (Jon LaFollette) — In the first of two conference preview episodes, Jon and Flava Dave predict how things will shape up in the Eastern Conference this season. Can the new Big Three in Cleveland play together? Will...
  • 2 days ago
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Pacers Injury Update: David West awaits MRI, while team prepares to finish preseason

Indy Cornrows (Tom Lewis) — The Pacers starting forward, not to mention hear and soul, will have doctors take a closer look at his swollen right ankle on Monday. The Pacers will wrap up preseason play with two games this...
  • 2 days ago
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David West to Have MRI on Sprained Ankle Tomorrow

Always Miller Time (Jared Wade) — David West rolled his ankle last night in preseason action against the Dallas Maverickes, landing awkwardly with basically all his weight on his right ankle. It was ugly to watch. He didn’t...
  • 2 days ago
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VIDEO: George Hill’s Buzzer-Beater Dunk vs. Mavericks

Always Miller Time (Jalen Bishop) — George Hill took it upon himself to score the last bucket of the first quarter in the Pacers’s 98-93 win against the Dallas Mavericks. Hill caught a pass near mid-court from David West and...
  • 3 days ago
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