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Observations: Hawks defeat Mavs 117-111 in regular season opener

HawksHoop (Eric Yeboah) — The Atlanta Hawks opened the 2017-18 NBA season with a big win on Wednesday, as the Hawks defeated the Dallas Mavericks 117-111 on the road. What were the major keys in getting victory No. 1 up in...
  • 1 day 2 hr ago
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With debut closing in, John Collins goes back to roots

HawksHoop (Jeremy Johnson) — With less than a week before his regular season NBA debut, Hawks’ rookie John Collins took a step back into the past as he again found himself in a high school gym. It wasn’t Cardinal Newman High...
  • 2 days ago

One Key To Success in 2017-18 for Every Atlanta Hawk

HawksHoop (Wes Morton) — It’s no secret that that this is a transitional period for Atlanta. Travis Schlenk steps in as the general manager of the Atlanta Hawks, replacing the reassigned Wesley Wilcox and Mike Budenholzer...
  • 2 days ago

John Collins: Parents’ military background gives rookie unique perspectives

HawksHoop (Jeremy Johnson) — The world changed forever on September 11, 2001. As the world watched as the events of that day unfolded, a young John Collins too pondered the impact that the world’s deadliest terrorist...
  • 3 days ago
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Dennis Smith Jr tests the Hawks’ ability to defend dynamic PGs

HawksHoop (Eric Yeboah) — A great defense adapts to any and every sort of offensive attack. Coach Budenholzer and staff will keep their foot on the necks of this young team all season long on giving a strong effort...
  • 6 days ago
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Hawks starting to find some chemistry ahead of 2017-18 season

HawksHoop (Eric Yeboah) — Preseason to some may seem boring and meaningless. However, within it lies bits and pieces of winning basketball that originates from chemistry and cohesiveness. Atlanta is one of the younger...
  • 9 days ago
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Road-weary Hawks come ‘home’ for win against Memphis

HawksHoop (Jeremy Johnson) — If there were an experiment to further understand the effects of road weariness, the Atlanta Hawks would be the subject. The Hawks finally played a ‘home’ preseason game Monday night...
  • 9 days ago
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NBA GMs rob Mike Budenholzer of defensive praise

HawksHoop (Eric Yeboah) — The 2017-18 NBA GM surveys are out, which means: let the arguments commence. Similar to all-star voting, the survey tends to slight at least one person. This year, that would be Atlanta Hawks Head...
  • 14 days ago
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Top 10 Best In-Game Poster Dunks in Hawks History

HawksHoop (Eric Yeboah) — Phillips Arena has rightfully earned the nickname “The Highlight Factory,” from all the talented high risers that have donned the red, black, white and neon yellow unis. I remember at...
  • 16 days ago
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Observation: Hawks Debut New Offense in 96-90 loss vs the Miami Heat

HawksHoop (Eric Yeboah) — Pace, pace, pace and more pace would describe the new style Mike Budenholzer wants his ballclub to showcase. A new offense with a young roster also means more mistakes–especially in the...
  • 18 days ago
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