Kings troll Stephen Curry with moon landing video during player introductions ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — Curry gave the Kings and "A for effort" with the video.
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Trade Grades: Wizards Acquire Trevor Ariza, Suns Nab Kelly Oubre Jr., Austin Rivers

Sports Illustrated: SI: NBA (Rohan Nadkarni) — After a fruitless dalliance involving the Grizzlies, the Wizards and Suns were finally able to consummate a trade Saturday morning. Will either team improve as a result? 
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Reports: New deal, Suns trade Trevor Ariza to Wizards for Austin Rivers, Kelly Oubre (no third team) ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — Brooks who? Turns out the Suns and Wizards didn't need a third team after all.
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Report: Wizards, Suns Still Trying to Make Trevor Ariza Deal After Multi-Team Trade Falls Apart

Sports Illustrated: SI: NBA (Emily Caron) — After confusion caused Friday night's reported multi-team trade to fall apart, the Wizards and Suns are still engaged in talks for Trevor Ariza.
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Does Kevin Durant see some of himself in Jayson Tatum?

The Step Back (Cody Rivera) — Kevin Durant, a former MVP, believes Jayson Tatum has the potential to be an MVP himself someday. Boston Celtics fans are very high on their talented young second-year star, Jayson Tatum, and with good reason. The 20-year-old has seemingly unlimited potential, and he proved that during the 2018 playoffs by taking the banged up Celtics, […] Does Kevin Durant see some of himself in...
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Sources: Potential Three-Team Trevor Ariza Trade Falls Apart

Basketball Insiders (Basketball Insiders) — A three-team deal that would have sent Trevor Ariza to the Washington Wizards and Kelly Oubre to the Memphis Grizzlies is dead over which Brooks — MarShon or Dillon — the Phoenix Suns had believed they were getting, league sources said. The Grizzlies and Suns didn’t communicate directly on the trade, using Washington as a conduit in coordinating the three-team deal....
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Sources: Several Teams Interested in Jabari Parker

Basketball Insiders (Basketball Insiders) — Jabari Parker won’t be with the Bulls next season. Heck, he might not be with them much longer. The Bulls, according to sources, have engaged in trade talks with several teams regarding Parker, who fell out of new coach Jim Boylen’s rotation Thursday. There’s considerable interest in Parker, 23, who remains a versatile scorer. Finding the right match financially […]
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Report: Wizards-Suns-Grizzlies Trevor Ariza-Kelly Oubre trade falls apart due to Brooks confusion ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — Memphis thought it was dealing MarShon, but Phoenix thought it was getting Dillon
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Report: Suns to Send Trevor Ariza to Wizards in Multi-Team Trade

Sports Illustrated: SI: NBA (Emily Caron) — The Wizards, Suns and Grizzlies are attempting to solidify a three-way trade by Friday night.
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Is part of Markelle Fultz’s problem a too-tight, family-dominated inner circle? ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — There needs to be context with this story. A lot of context. First, whatever is going on with Markelle Fultz, it cannot be traced to just one thing. It’s never that clean and simple. His agent and lawyer Raymond Brothers is trying to pitch his issues are all physical when clearly there are mental aspects
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NBA Daily: Buyers Or Sellers – Southeast Division

Basketball Insiders (Shane Rhodes) — Shane Rhodes continues Basketball Insiders' "Buyers or Sellers" series with a break down of the Southeast Division.
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Watch the video: How many times was James Harden fouled by the Lakers? ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — The NBA referees think he was fouled more than you do.
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No, the Heat are not going to tank, you can stop asking ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — That's not the way Pat Riley sees the world.
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Zion Williamson Offensive Floor Value Video

The Stepien (Cole Zwicker) — I intended to release this video as one of three (along with offensive ceiling and defense) incorporated into one all-encompassing piece, but due to time constraints (I have no idea... The post Zion Williamson Offensive Floor Value Video appeared first on The Stepien .
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