Cleveland GM David Griffin: “I hope everybody says we have no chance” ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — Great. There's also a difference between being an underdog and slowing Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant.
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Draymond Green says Warriors are “more relaxed” this season ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — A rested Warriors will be better, but Kevin Durant matters more than rest.
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Report: Turkish government issues arrest warrant for Enes Kanter ProBasketballTalk (Kurt Helin) — He is in no danger of being extradited by the United States because of this.
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NBA Finals: Who Has the Edge?

Basketball Insiders (Jake Rauchbach) — Jake Rauchbach examines several relevant areas ahead of a Finals rematch.
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The NBA Playoff Losers

Basketball Insiders (Spencer Davies) — As the NBA Finals await, Spencer Davies take a look at whose stock will likely take a hit because of this postseason.
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Dwane Casey: Masai Ujiri assured me I’ll return as Raptors coach ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — Ujri left doubt in season-ending press conference
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Kevin Durant: Don’t blame me for Nets, Magic and other teams stinking ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — Warriors star doesn't want blame for NBA's parity problem (problem?)
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Report: Clippers take Chris Paul-to-Spurs rumor ‘very seriously’ ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — Not long ago, Clippers expected to re-sign star point guard
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