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Report: Celtics discussing deal for Paul George including Nets pick

CelticsBlog (CelticsBlog Staff) — Could this happen? Latest reports from Woj indicate that the Celtics and Pacers are at least discussing a Paul George trade. Update on Boston, Indy: Boston hasn't met Indiana's asking...
  • New: 2 hr 1 min ago

Paul George and Other Celtics Trade Rumors

CelticsHub.com (Cameron Tabatabaie) — Is Paul George headed to Boston? Here's what the experts are saying. The post Paul George and Other Celtics Trade Rumors appeared first on CelticsHub .
  • New: 3 hr 2 min ago

Boston Celtics trade deadline updates and open thread

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — Will Danny make a move? Consider this your one stop shop for any minor rumblings, rumors, and updates. If we see something big drop, we’ll try to get a post up as soon as possible to keep you...
  • New: 6 hr 20 min ago

Rumor updates on Jimmy Butler, Paul George, and Andre Drummond

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — Some interesting news to track. Big name trades are rare but the DeMarcus Cousins situation taught us to expect unexpected things to happen from time to time. So while a move for any of the...
  • 16 hr 44 min ago

Celtics looking for big deal, but content to stand pat

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — Business as usual. Clockwork. The deadline is a little over a day away and the Celtics haven’t made a move yet. As someone who has been covering this team for over a decade, I can tell you...
  • 1 day 5 hr ago

Celtics could protect Nets pick in major trade

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — This seems like a good compromise. As we’ve discussed in this space before , the Celtics ’ ability to pull off a major trade (namely for Jimmy Butler or for Paul George ) could very well...
  • 1 day 16 hr ago
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Examining Celtics Assets, Roster Spots, and Weird Situations

CelticsHub.com (Sam Sheehan) — When people think about assets, most think of something nice that almost everyone would like to have. People with a lot of money tend to think of things like ‘property’ and ‘cars’ as assets....
  • 2 days ago

Would Jimmy Butler Trade Be Worth the Risk for Celtics?

CelticsHub.com (Ryan Mahanna) — With DeMarcus Cousins officially off the board, Celtics fans have turned all of their attention to the prospect of adding Jimmy Butler to a roster that is already in contention for the #1 seed in...
  • 2 days ago

The Avery Bradley Trade the Celtics Should Make

CelticsHub.com (Ryan Bernardoni) — Danny Ainge and the Celtics have made it clear that their first priority is to acquire a foundational star player, but if that’s not possible via trade then what can they do to improves the...
  • 2 days ago

All eyes on Twitter as Isaiah Thomas creates a stir with an emoji tweet

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — What a fury a single set of eyes can cause. With all apologies to other social media platforms (and blogs for that matter) the fastest way to get information (and misinformation) is twitter. So...
  • 2 days ago
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Did The Celtics Mess Up By Passing On DeMarcus Cousins?

CelticsHub.com (Sam Sheehan) — In order to best highlight the perspectives of what is right and what is wrong about the Celtics recent non-participation in the Boogie Cousins Sweepstakes, I’m going to split myself into two...
  • 3 days ago

What Should the Celtics Do With Avery Bradley?

CelticsHub.com (Brian Robb) — The Celtics have rolled into the All-Star break with 11 wins in their last 13 games, and all of them have come without the services of starting shooting guard Avery Bradley. The 6-foot-3 guard has...
  • 3 days ago
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Kings Trade DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans

CelticsHub.com (Cameron Tabatabaie) — Sacramento and New Orleans have reportedly come to terms on an eye-popping trade. The post Kings Trade DeMarcus Cousins to the New Orleans Pelicans appeared first on CelticsHub .
  • 3 days ago

Shall we dance: should Boston have traded for Boogie Cousins?

CelticsBlog (wjsy) — Brad Stevens coached his first All Star Game, Isaiah Thomas almost alley-ooped to himself, but the biggest news coming out of New Orleans last night is that the Boogie-to-Boston dream is dead. ...
  • 3 days ago

Isaiah Thomas scores 20 in Brad Stevens’ NBA All-Star Game coaching debut

CelticsBlog (Lachlan Marr) — It was all about offense as Brad Stevens coached the best of the East against the best of the West. In another All-Star Game that was overtly offensive to fans of defense the Western Conference...
  • 3 days ago

Celtics Showing Deep Interest in P.J. Tucker and Other Trade Rumors

CelticsHub.com (Cameron Tabatabaie) — Could this deadline be the moment where the Celtics cash in their treasure chest of assets, or will the team rely on its current wave of success? Here's the latest. The post Celtics Showing Deep...
  • 3 days ago

Rumor: Celtics interested in Danilo Gallinari

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — Because who couldn’t use more shooting? Steve Bulpett mentioned that the Celtics are still interested in Danilo Gallinari. You can expect the Celts to keep an eye on Danilo Gallinari, a...
  • 3 days ago

Rumor: Celtics interested in PJ Tucker

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — Add him to the list of minor potential moves. Buried in an article about Jimmy Butler is a blurb about the Celtics interest in PJ Tucker. via Sean Deveney They can do that without Butler,...
  • 3 days ago

NBA All-Star Skills Challenge: Unicorn beats Leprechaun

CelticsBlog (Lachlan Marr) — Isaiah was unable to get to the final round of the 2017 NBA Skills Challenge which was ultimately won by big man Kristaps Porzingis. For Celtics ’ fans hoping the third time would be the charm...
  • 4 days ago
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Should Ainge give up the 2017 Nets pick for Jimmy Bulter?

CelticsBlog (Jeff Clark) — Make your choice. Trades are extremely complex scenarios that involve lots of moving parts and require perfect timing. So to reduce them down to one simple question is downright silly. Of...
  • 5 days ago