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Why are Bulls suddenly hot on Kevin Love?

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — Kevin Love to the Bulls doesn't make a ton of sense. I've talked about this several times before. The clear trend in the NBA is perimeter stars win championships. San Antonio, Miami and Boston were outside-oriented. The Lakers won two titles with the standard, two-star format – one inside (Pau Gasol) and one outside (Kobe Bryant). Love, Gasol and Joakim Noah on the same roster would give the...
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Bulls' summer squad lost without McDermott

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — The Bulls' run of summer-league success ended with a thud Saturday. They lost to Sacramento 80-61 while rookie Doug McDermott sat out with a foot injury. Whether this injury is significant or an excuse to end McDermott's summer workload isn't clear right now. The rookie from Creighton played in four summer games, averaging 18 points, 4 rebounds and 2.8 assists, while shooting .442 from the...
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McDermott struggles, but Bulls keep winning

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — The Bulls stayed perfect at the Las Vegas summer league Thursday night by beating the 76ers 79-68. Rookie Doug McDermott had his first off night of the summer, hitting 3 of 10 shots for 11 points. Tony Snell continued to stand out, though, scoring 18 points. Thursday's win was something of a breakout game for second-round draft pick Cameron Bairstow, who finished with 18 points and 8...
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Bulls try to extend summer dominance Thursday night

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — The Bulls will try to continue their summer league mastery tonight (Thursday) when they open the playoffs against the 76ers at 9 p.m. Central time in Las Vegas. This game is not scheduled to be aired live on NBA TV, but will be shown at 8 a.m. Friday morning if you're interested. The Bulls are the No. 1 playoff seed after rolling to a 3-0 record. They won the three games by an average of 24.7...
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Another free agent surprise: Lance Stephenson to Charlotte

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — Already the defending champs in the East lost their best player when LeBron James returned to Cleveland. Now the team that lost in the Eastern Conference finals has lost a starter. Indiana shooting guard Lance Stephenson reportedly agreed to join the Charlotte Hornets for $27 million over three years. There were reports the Pacers offered Stephenson a similar annual salary over four seasons,...
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Free-agent update: Pierce pulls late-night surprise

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — The Washington Wizards lost starting forward Trevor Ariza to Houston on Saturday and moved quickly to land a surprising replacement. Paul Pierce joined the Wizards late Saturday night, taking a two-year deal for the mid-level exception (around $11 million total). The Bulls discovered during the playoffs that Washington is on the rise and Pierce, who turns 37 in October, is an interesting...
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Report: Pau Gasol commits to Bulls

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — The early Saturday news had in Spain reporting a commitment to the Bulls by Barcelona native Pau Gasol. The story said he is waiting for a sign-and-trade with the Lakers to be finalized, but gave no further details. It also said Gasol is planning to take a physical in Chicago, then return to Spain. Don't bother going to the site, the Gasol news is buried under 150 soccer stories....
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Friday AM update: LeBron keeps them guessing

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — Most of the NBA attention was focused on LeBron James in the last 24 hours. Maybe that's why Carmelo Anthony is waiting so long to make his decision, so he can get a few days to himself in the national spotlight. It's difficult to tell where Anthony is going. The story is accurate that he's still engaged with the Bulls, but how genuine is his interest in Chicago? Only time will tell. ...
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Thursday AM update: Still waiting on Melo, LBJ decisions

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — There have been predictions of Carmelo Anthony staying with the Knicks and LeBron James returning to Cleveland, but as of Thursday morning, the NBA world was still waiting official announcements. There is also no telling when either player might make a decision. James is reportedly planning to attend the World Cup final in Brazil on Sunday, so maybe he'll say something first. Or maybe...
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Report: Anthony will return to Knicks

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — The New York Daily News reported a friend of Carmelo Anthony confirmed the high-scoring Knicks forward will stay in New York. The story says an announcement is expected Thursday. Nothing is official yet. If the Bulls miss out on Anthony, they are expected to focus their effort on signing Lakers power forward Pau...
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Cavs clear landing strip for LeBron

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — As of Wednesday morning, the momentum was certainly building for a LeBron James return to Cleveland. The Cavs agreed to a three-way trade that clears enough cap space to give James a maximum contract. Cleveland sends guard Jarrett Jack and forward Sergey Karasev to Brooklyn; while center Tyler Zeller and a top-10 protected 2016 first-round pick go to Boston. The Celtics also get guard Marcus...
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Latest 'Melo rumor: Watching want ads in Miami

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — The latest rumor to fall off the tree during “Melo Watch 2014” is he's waiting to see if a spot opens up with Miami's Power Trio. The theory goes, if Chris Bosh decides to accept an offer from Houston, then Anthony could fill that slot and play with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the Heat. Anything's possible, but this one doesn't add up. The feeling here is Bosh will leave only if LeBron...
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NBA free-agent recap: The big tease begins in Cleveland

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — Transformers sequels are popular, for whatever reason, so why wouldn't the nation tune into “The Decision, Part Two?” Monday's free-agency buzz concerned the growing belief LeBron James might be ready to return to Cleveland. This is serious enough that owner Dan Gilbert's manic rant in comic sans type was finally removed from the Cavs website after four years, according to multiple reports. ...
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Deng, Heat meet and other free-agency news

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — Let's take a tour of Saturday's NBA free agency news: One interesting development today was Pat Riley reportedly arriving in Chicago to meet with Luol Deng and his representatives. Deng, the long-time Bulls forward, is not expected to re-sign with Cleveland, especially after the Cavs drafted small forward Andrew Wiggins. Deng would make a good LeBron James replacement in Miami, but how would...
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Is the pursuit of Anthony over?

Daily Herald (mikemcgraw) — The Internet world seemed to think New York promising to give Carmelo Anthony a full max contract is the microphone-dropper. The Knicks reportedly did that Thursday night. Maybe it is. Plenty of people thought Anthony's free-agent tour was designed mostly to coax a five-year, $129 million deal from the Knicks, While Anthony mulls his options over the holiday weekend, the Bulls have a few...
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