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Allen Iverson on palming accusations: 'I carried my crossover all the way into the Hall of Fame' Ball Don't Lie (Kelly Dwyer) — Allen Iverson and Tim Hardaway load up. (Getty Images) Some Allen Iverson possessions took forever. He played on a lot of slow teams, especially with coach Larry Brown, but the payoff for a long, loping possession that took 15 NBA seconds to get going was usually a rapid-fire crossover that left a defender stumbling and lost in its presence. Endless waiting for a pointed, spectacular reward...
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Dion Waiters' retelling of the moment he became a meme is as great as the moment itself Ball Don't Lie (Dan Devine) — Dion Waiters owns the moment. (Charles Trainor Jr./Miami Herald/TNS/Getty Images) Despite a remarkable run to finish the 2016-17 NBA season, the Miami Heat fell one win shy of the playoffs . It was an unfortunate ending to one of the better stories in the league this year — the Heat bouncing back from a brutal, injury-plagued 11-30 start to what felt like a lost season by transforming...
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Damian Lillard ‘obsessed’ with beating Warriors ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — Golden State just eliminated Trail Blazers again
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Pat Riley says he wishes he gave Chris Bosh’s max contract to Dwyane Wade ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — Heat locked up Bosh after LeBron James left, gave Wade short deals
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Game 6 Preview: Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks

Basketball Insiders (David Yapkowitz) — David Yapkowitz breaks down what could be a series-deciding Game 6 between the Raptors and Bucks.
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NBA rules LeBron James' series-clinching 3-pointer shouldn't have counted Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — On the NBA’s nightly “ Last Two Minute Report ,” the league discovered a pair of incorrect calls in the final 120 seconds of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 106-102 victory against the Indiana Pacers that capped a first-round sweep on Sunday. One of those calls is sure to have Pacers fans adding the officiating crew of Mike Callahan, Leon Wood and David Guthrie to the list of referees who have it...
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Isaiah Thomas’ sons giggle about Fred Hoiberg’s carrying complaint (video) ProBasketballTalk (Dan Feldman) — Bulls coach evokes no sympathy in criticizing Celtics guard
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The Houston Rockets are hawking $1 beers to avoid a late-arriving Game 5 crowd Ball Don't Lie (Ben Rohrbach) — Hello? Hello? Hello? Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home? (AP) The Houston Rockets have struggled for years to get fans in the Toyota Center doors before tipoff, even for Game 2 against the Oklahoma City Thunder in a series that features the league’s two MVP favorites , so Rockets CEO Tad Brown has taken an idea out of the Jackie Moon...
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