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Game 2017.73: Tigers at Padres

The Detroit Tiger Weblog (Coleman) — For those of you who missed it, Francisco Rodriguez is no longer a Tiger. The Tigers will be on the hook for the rest of his $6 million, but at this point they decided it was better to pay him not...
  • 14 hr 25 min ago

Mariners 9, Tigers 6: Offense can’t make up for pitching

Bless You Boys (John Marlatt) — The Tigers get swept in a 4-game series as Daniel Norris and Francisco Rodriquez dug too deep a hole In a game where the Detroit Tigers had the opportunity to salvage one win of a four game...
  • 1 day 10 hr ago

MLB trade rumors: Nationals may be interested in Justin Wilson

Bless You Boys (Rob Rogacki) — The Tigers would be wise to move quickly if they can find the right deal. We aren’t 100 percent certain that the Detroit Tigers will be selling at the trade deadline yet, but the team’s recent...
  • 1 day 12 hr ago

Game 2017.72: Tigers at Mariners

The Detroit Tiger Weblog (Coleman) — Warwick Saupold. I remember first seeing that name and thinking he sounded like a cricket player, or law firm, or something. I certainly didn’t associate him with WAR—but there he is, the newest...
  • 1 day 13 hr ago

Miguel Cabrera loves majestic beards

Bless You Boys (Ashley MacLennan) — The highlight of last night’s game was this beautiful bromance. There are moments that will stand out in Tigers ’ fans memories as great events, even when they have nothing to do with the game....
  • 2 days ago

Anthony Gose strikes out 3 as Lakeland Flying Tigers roll

Bless You Boys (Brandon Day) — Scores, news, and notes from around the Detroit Tigers’ farm system for Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Toledo Mud Hens 4, Indianapolis Indians 0 ( box ) Drew VerHagen is on a bit of a roll in...
  • 2 days ago

Mariners 7, Tigers 5: Nothing is perfect

Bless You Boys (Ashley MacLennan) — What started as gem of an outing for Justin Verlander turned sour with a bunt. West coast road trips are tough on even the most seasoned fans. The nights get late, and viewers pray for speedy...
  • 2 days ago

How the Doug Fister trade closed the window on the Detroit Tigers

Bless You Boys (SkitchP) — The “butterfly effects” of that cold December trade are still being felt today In the summer of 2011, former Tigers general manager Dave Dombrowski knew he needed one more starting pitcher to...
  • 2 days ago
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Sum up the Detroit Tigers’ 2017 season in one GIF

Bless You Boys (Peter Kwasniak) — We asked Tigers Twitter to sum up the 2017 season so far in one gif. The results were as spectacular as they are depressing This year has been a difficult year for Detroit Tigers fans [citation...
  • 2 days ago

Game 2017.71: Tigers at Mariners

The Detroit Tiger Weblog (Coleman) — Ian and JD made what was looking like a lackluster game into something exciting. How hard will this offense be to watch without JD in it? Forget Perry Mason, fans will be that picky. Matlock...
  • 2 days ago

MLB trade rumors: The Tigers should trade J.D. Martinez

Bless You Boys (Eye of the Tigers) — This one is obvious given how the team has played lately. The headline probably doesn’t surprise you much. The possibility of the Detroit Tigers trading J.D. Martinez at or near the 2017 ...
  • 3 days ago

Tigers prospect Matt Manning strikes out 9 in his season debut

Bless You Boys (Brandon Day) — Scores, news, and notes from around the Detroit Tigers’ farm system for Tuesday, June 20, 2017. Indianapolis Indians 5, Toledo Mud Hens 3 ( box ) The Hens kicked this one off right, with...
  • 3 days ago

Detroit Tigers News: It’s time to sell

Bless You Boys (Patrick Whelan) — It’s over, everyone. Welp I thought this was going to be a partially original thought but Cam beat me to it earlier this week. Regardless, the breaking point has been reached with this ...
  • 3 days ago

Mariners 5 Tigers, 4: Sleepless in Seattle

Bless You Boys (Peter Kwasniak) — Tigers fall to Mariners in the wee hours, hope you didn’t stay up for this. A long night ended in the Detroit Tiger’s fourth straight loss as the Seattle Mariners beat the Tigers on a...
  • 3 days ago
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Game 2017.70: Tigers at Mariners

The Detroit Tiger Weblog (Coleman) — I don’t have much to day today; my algorithms are being tweaked. No spoilers, but I think there may be a great demand for fake baseball news soon. Surprisingly, Anibal’s start was one of the...
  • 3 days ago
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Tigers vs. Mariners Preview: Jordan Zimmermann onstage as the Must-Win 2017 tour continues

Bless You Boys (Brandon Day) — Zimmermann is quietly putting together a fine month of June. Hopes for a Detroit Tigers resurgence are rapidly waning. With just 19 games left until the All-Star break, the team has had its’...
  • 3 days ago
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Justin Upton has completely shaken off his rough start with the Tigers

Bless You Boys (Kyle Yost) — One year later, Upton has put his power on display. Less than 12 months ago, concern turned to anger as fans wondered how on earth Justin Upton tricked the Detroit Tigers front office so...
  • 3 days ago
  • Hits: 1

Detroit Tigers news: The tank is real

Bless You Boys (Ron Wolschleger) — After another mediocre performance Monday the Tigers are on the brink it was a rough night Monday, after a surprising effort by Anibal Sanchez, the Tigers were simply beat by the long ball in...
  • 4 days ago
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Whitecaps offense erupts again to take down the Lugnuts

Bless You Boys (Brandon Day) — Scores, news and notes from around the Detroit Tigers’ farm system for Monday, June 19, 2017 Indianapolis Indians 8, Toledo Mud Hens 2 ( box ) The Mud Hens had to piece together a bullpen day...
  • 4 days ago

Mariners 6, Tigers 2: A plague of dingers

Bless You Boys (Kurt Mensching) — Locusts, home runs, you name it, Detroit suffered from it in Seattle For the better part of five innings, Anibal Sanchez put doubters to shame on Monday night in Seattle. Called back up to the...
  • 4 days ago
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