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Potential Trade Targets: Red Sox outfielders Cespedes, Victorino, and Nava

Royals Review (Josh Duggan) — A crowded Red Sox outfield full of alluring men without a place to play on the field could make sense for the Royals. With yesterday's dual signings of Hanley Ramirez and Pablo Sandoval , the ...
  • New: 3 hr 50 min ago

Is David Glass one of the worst owners in sports?

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Not really. But its a meme that refuses to die. Rolling Stone magazine, known for its writing on music, will also venture into other areas of writing and today they published an article on...
  • New: 4 hr 55 min ago

Royals Review Top 15 Prospect Crowdsourcing (15-11)

Royals Review (Shaun Newkirk) — Today marks the first trial in what should be an intermediate journey. A pilgrimage from 15th to 1st. Prospect rankings are always highly subjective, with scouts arguing literally, hypothetically¬†...
  • New: 8 hr 52 min ago

Royals Rumblings - News for November 25, 2014

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Get better, Eric Berry. Royals Rumblings - News for November 25, 2014 Rany Jazayerli writes about the legacy of the 2014 Royals. But eventually Game 7 stitched itself into the tapestry...
  • 12 hr 20 min ago

Former Royals Tom Gordon, Jermaine Dye on Hall of Fame ballot

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — The former Royals are among 34 finalists for Cooperstown. The BBWAA has revealed their 2015 Hall of Fame Ballot and it includes two former Royals - pitcher Tom Gordon and outfielder ...
  • 1 day 6 hr ago

Josh Willingham to retire

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — The long-time slugger got to finally taste post-season action in his final season. ESPN's Jerry Crasnick is reporting that Royals outfielder Josh Willingham has decided to retire. "After...
  • 1 day 7 hr ago

Your offseason plans for Dayton Moore and the Royals

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — The people have spoken! And they want more Ross Gload! The Hot Stove season rolls on and still Dayton Moore has yet to make a significant move, building up the suspense as we wait their first...
  • 1 day 8 hr ago
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Exploring other options at DH for the Royals

Royals Review (Tyler Drenon) — We've heard about Torii Hunter, Mike Morse, and other players that might DH for the Royals next season, but what about these guys? Billy Butler is gone. It seems as though you, as a fan, have...
  • 1 day 10 hr ago
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Royals Rumblings - News for November 24, 2014

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Odell Beckham Jr. made a catch worthy of the Royals outfield. Royals Rumblings - News for November 24, 2014 If you have a 20-game package for next season, you will have the option to pick...
  • 1 day 12 hr ago

Royals potential free agent DH/OF targets: Chris Denorfia and Michael Morse

Royals Review (Kevin Ruprecht) — No buzz about these guys, but they'll be cheaper than Torii Hunter, most likely. This is more a suggestion than a reflection of rumored interest. Many of us have said, "Hey, go get a RH/OF bat to...
  • 4 days ago
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Royals Review Roundtable: Hot Stove Edition

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Sources say Kevins have shown significant interest. Its November 21, and Dayton Moore has yet to make a move. What's the deal? Its the Hot Stove Season, which means we convene the wise sages of ...
  • 4 days ago
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Friday OT Thread: Subverted expectations

Royals Review (Josh Duggan) — Urban Hymns, explaining Colbert, and borderline alcoholism. 1. While vomiting on account of heavy drinking is something I've been known to do at least a few times a year, I almost never throw up...
  • 4 days ago
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Royals Rumblings - News for November 21, 2014

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Where have you gone Desi Relaford? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Royals Rumblings - News for November 21, 2014 Despite millions earned from their post-season run and expected...
  • 4 days ago
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Royals acquire outfielder Reymond Fuentes from the Padres

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Pitcher Kyle Bartsch heads to the Padres in return. The Royals have made their first trade of the off-season, sending minor league pitcher Kyle Bartsch to the San Diego Padres for...
  • 4 days ago
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Royals free agent target: Torii Hunter

Royals Review (Kevin Ruprecht) — I guess since there's so much speculation he's connected to the Royals, might as well say something about him. Is it inevitable? Ugh. At this point, I guess this article has to be written. Billy...
  • 5 days ago

Royals need to finalize 40 man roster for the Rule 5 draft

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Assets, assets, its all about hoarding assets. Today is the deadline to make roster moves to the 40-man roster to protect players from the Rule 5 draft, to be held at the Winter Meetings on...
  • 5 days ago
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Saving Salvador Perez

Royals Review (BHWick) — Will flexibility at the designated hitter position make for a better Salvador Perez? "We'd like that flexibility for certain. Our players aren't old by any means -- it's a young roster, but you...
  • 5 days ago
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Royals potential free agent targets: Pitcher Chris Young

Royals Review (Josh Duggan) — The lanky right-handed Texan makes more sense than most might know. While baseball fans salivate at the prospect of the team for whom they root signing the Yasmany Tomases, Yoan Moncadas and Jon...
  • 5 days ago
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Royals Rumblings - News for November 20, 2014

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Your site for all model-train sized misanthropy. Royals Rumblings - News for November 20, 2014 Billy is gone. And Sam Mellinger writes it was an "amicable divorce." The Royals have also...
  • 5 days ago
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SB Nation MLB Awards: And the winners are...

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Here's who YOU voted for as the Royals Review nominees for the SB Nation Awards. Over the past two weeks, we have been asking for your nominations and votes for the SB Nation MLB awards. ...
  • 6 days ago
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