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World Series Game 7 was an imperfect end to an epic Royals postseason

Royals Review (Tyler Drenon) — An imperfect end to an epic postseason. My eyelids drooped half closed and I tilted my head back in one slow, listening nod. "At least they made it this far." Yeah. That's true. It was...
  • 13 hr 14 min ago

Danny Duffy had a rib injury for the entire post-season

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone. One of the big mysteries of the Royals post-season was the absence of Danny Duffy . Manager Ned Yost kept Duffy out of the rotation...
  • 14 hr 14 min ago

Random thoughts from Game 7

Royals Review (Shaun Newkirk) — A sad collection of musings from a heartbreaking game So here we are... Or more so, there we were. 90 feet away from a tie game and 360 feet from a World Series title. The Royals went 11-4 this...
  • 15 hr 14 min ago

Royals could pursue outfielder Torii Hunter

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — The 39-year old could be a replacement for Nori Aoki in rightfield. With the baseball season now over, we immediately turn our attention to the Hot Stove and how the Royals can improve for...
  • 17 hr 24 min ago

Royals Rumblings - News for October 30, 2014

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Heartbreak. Royals Rumblings - News for October 30, 2014 Vahe Gregorian writes that Royals fans should appreciate manager Ned Yost. As a kid hitting rocks in his back yard, manager Ned...
  • 20 hr 14 min ago

Giants smash Royals' magical season, win 3-2

Royals Review (Matthew LaMar) — The Royals lose on the last day of the season. It doesn't make it any less painful. The Kansas City Royals lose Game 7 of the World Series to a crowd of over 40,000, at home in Kansas City, to...
  • 1 day 4 hr ago

World Series Game 7 Overflow #3: Giants 3, Royals 2, End of 7th

Royals Review (Josh Duggan) — Goddamn Bumgarner is in and dealing. Herrera and Davis have matched him, but the Royals trail by one. The bullpens have shut the door on the offenses. Bumgarner, Herrera, and Davis have held down...
  • 1 day 5 hr ago

World Series Game 7 Overflow #2: Giants 3, Royals 2, Middle of 5th

Royals Review (Josh Duggan) — Enter Madison Bumgarner on two days' rest. The Jeremys (Guthrie and Affeldt) traded scoreless frames in the third, though thanks in part to an overturned safe call at first on the back-end of an...
  • 1 day 6 hr ago

World Series Game 7 Overflow #1: Giants 2, Royals 2, End of 2nd

Royals Review (Josh Duggan) — Hudson is out. Game is tied at twos. After Jeremy Guthrie pitched a perfect top of the first, his Giant counterpart, Tim Hudson , issued a one-out walk to Norichika Aoki before getting ...
  • 1 day 7 hr ago

Game 7, World Series: San Francisco Giants vs. Kansas City Royals

Royals Review (Josh Duggan) — There can be only one. This season has been an absolute roller coaster. The 2014 Kansas City Royals have rapidly oscillated between mediocre, awful, and amazing, with seemingly no warning. ...
  • 1 day 7 hr ago

Royals-Giants World Series Game 7 Starting Lineups

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — One last starting lineup for all the marbles. Well, here we are. No one has ever accused this site of being optimistic, but I don't think even the most optimistic of Royals fans could...
  • 1 day 12 hr ago

Betting odds for Game 7

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Never tell Ned the odds. The Kansas City Royals have become America's sweethearts, even out in Vegas, so it appears that's where the money is. Whether people are gambling with their hearts or...
  • 1 day 14 hr ago

One. Game.

Royals Review (Kevin Ruprecht) — Throw everything out the window. I don't think I need to impress upon you the importance of the baseball game that is happening tonight. I'm going to anyway. GAME 7 OF THE WORLD SERIES AT...
  • 1 day 16 hr ago


Royals Review (Max Rieper) — O pioneers. COME, my tan-faced children, Follow well in order, get your weapons ready; Have you your pistols? have you your sharp edged axes? Pioneers! O pioneers! For we cannot tarry...
  • 1 day 18 hr ago

Royals Rumblings - News for October 29, 2014

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Game 7. Tonight. So which one of you that has ticket tonight is not going to go, to "see about a girl"? Royals Rumblings - News for October 29, 2014 Sam Mellinger writes that Yordano Ventura ...
  • 1 day 20 hr ago

Royals rout Giants 10 - 0, emphatically send Series to Game 7

Royals Review (Josh Duggan) — Yordano Ventura held down the Giants, while Kansas City's bats jumped all over Jake Peavy and Yusmeiro Petit. After two straight miserable games in San Francisco, the likely fallacious myth of...
  • 2 days ago
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Game 6 Overflow Thread #2: Top 7th, Royals up 9-0

Royals Review (Matthew LaMar) — This is fun. Immediately after the amazingly long second inning, Yordano Ventura ran into a wall.  Ventura immediately walked three in a row, with Panik fighting off pitch after pitch before his...
  • 2 days ago

Game 6 Overflow Thread #1, Top 3rd: KC up 7-0

Royals Review (Matthew LaMar) — No more Peavy. He lasted 1 1/3 innings. Well...so this happened. The Royals had a chance to score some runs for the first time in 15 innings in the first.  Lorenzo Cain walked, Eric Hosmer hit a...
  • 2 days ago

Game 6, World Series Game Thread: San Francisco Giants at Kansas City Royals

Royals Review (Josh Duggan) — With elimination in the air, the Royals turn their eyes to Yordano Ventura for guidance. While this is far from the first time these words could be uttered in this strange, fantastic season,...
  • 2 days ago

Royals-Giants Game 6 Starting Lineups

Royals Review (Max Rieper) — Ned is rooting for a Game 7. Let's give the man what he wants. So...big game eh? Its Game Six, a must-win game for the Royals as they find themselves down three games to two. The Royals have...
  • 2 days ago