Feature: Can New Technology Bring Baseball’s Data Revolution to Fielding?

NY Times: Bats (BRUCE SCHOENFELD) — For years, players have been valued for their hitting. Now a groundbreaking tool makes it possible to measure how much their defense contributes to a team’s success
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Orioles beat Blue Jays to set up potential weekend wild-card drama Big League Stew (Israel Fehr) — Welcome to The Walk Off, the nightly MLB recap from Big League Stew. Here we’ll look at the top performers of the night, show you a must-see highlight and rundown the scoreboard. First, we start with a game you need to know about. The powerful Baltimore Orioles’ first two runs came courtesy of a sacrifice fly and an RBI fielder’s choice. The third run was driven home on a ground ball...
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Cardinals win on controversial walk-off double from Yadier Molina Big League Stew (Chris Cwik) — Your browser does not support iframes. It always helps to have a little bit of devil magic on your side. The St. Louis Cardinals kept themselves firmly in the National League wild card race with a huge, walk-off win over the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday. Problem is, the hit that won the game may not have been called properly. With two outs in the ninth inning, catcher Yadier Molina stepped...
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Yankees 5, Red Sox 1: Yankees Eliminated From Postseason Contention Despite Beating Red Sox

NY Times: Bats (DAVID WALDSTEIN) — The Yankees guaranteed themselves a winning season with their 83rd victory of the year, but the Orioles topped the Blue Jays to end the Yankees’ hopes of a wild-card berth.
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The last days of Turner Field, the stadium that could have been great Big League Stew (Jay Busbee) — The sun is setting on Turner Field. (AP) ATLANTA, Ga.–There’s a strange vibe at Turner Field these days that has nothing to do with the baseball-like product that the Braves are playing. The team’s touting a countdown of the final days at its perfectly serviceable stadium while pumping up the hope and promise of next year’s home, the still-unfinished SunTrust Park, and it’s … unsettling....
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David Ortiz Exits Yankee Stadium for Final Time With a Walk, a Painting and a Standing Ovation

NY Times: Bats (DAVID WALDSTEIN) — The Yankees held a brief pregame ceremony to honor Ortiz, who did as much as any player to even the once-lopsided rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees.
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On Baseball: Red Sox Have Bright Hopes as David Ortiz’s Era Comes to an End

NY Times: Bats (TYLER KEPNER) — As the Ortiz era draws to a close, the Red Sox are poised for a long run of success after shrewd acquisitions. The Yankees will try to keep up.
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A Wild-Card Spot, and More, Is Within the Mets’ Reach

NY Times: Bats (JAY SCHREIBER) — Two more wins would assure the Mets a home game to start the playoffs on Wednesday.
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Judge Dismisses Scouts' Lawsuit Against Major League Baseball

NY Times: Bats (REUTERS) — A federal judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit accusing Major League Baseball's 30 teams of conspiring not to poach each other's scouts and refusing to pay them overtime.
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Podcast: Pedro Martinez on his friendship with Jose Fernandez Big League Stew (Mike Oz) — This is The StewPod, our baseball podcast with a dash of pop culture. If you dig the show, please  subscribe and review us on iTunes . As baseball still processes the shocking death of Jose Fernandez , this week’s StewPod offers you a new perspective on the life of Fernandez. It belongs to Pedro Martinez, the Hall of Fame pitcher and analyst for MLB Network’s “MLB Tonight,” who...
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Bartolo Colon’s Secret: It’s the Wrist, Not the Waist

NY Times: Bats (JAMES WAGNER) — At age 43 and 285 pounds, the Mets pitcher thrives with one pitch by making it move three ways.
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Rose Seeks Rule Change to Open Door to Hall of Fame

NY Times: Bats (REUTERS) — Lawyers for Pete Rose have sent a letter to the Baseball Hall of Fame seeking a rule amendment that would clear the way for Major League Baseball's all-time hits leader to be considered for induction into the shrine.
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Video: Here’s how baseball should really pay tribute to Jose Fernandez Big League Stew (Mike Oz) — It probably wasn’t the greatest moment of Jose Fernandez’s career by the usual baseball standards, but God, if he didn’t love that night in 2013 against the Atlanta Braves when he smacked his first career home run. He was a pitcher, so this was a big deal. He was a 20-year-old rookie, so this was a thing of dreams. And he had a big fun-loving personality, so this was a moment he wanted to...
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This Cubs fan already got his 'World Series Champions' tattoo Big League Stew (Mike Oz) — Just how eager are Chicago Cubs fans to break the 108-year World Series drought? Eager enough that one fan has already etched “World Series Champions” and “Curse Broken” onto his body in tattoo form. The Cubs, of course, won’t play their first playoff game until next week. [ Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Baseball contest now ] That didn’t stop this dude Noel from Des Moines, who answered a...
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Jose Fernandez's high-school jersey stolen after candlelight vigil Big League Stew (Mike Oz) — Jose Fernandez was remembered at a candlelight vigil Wednesday at Alonso High School in Tampa, the school he attended, the school where he became a baseball star. And now, the school says, something unthinkable has happened. [ Join a Yahoo Daily Fantasy Baseball contest now ] Someone stole one of Fernandez’s high-school jerseys that was on display in his old dugout during the vigil....
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