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Schedule for entire Cards-Cubs series announced

STLtoday.com (dcaesar@post-dispatch.com) — After the Cardinals play late-afternoon home games on Friday and Saturday to open their National League first-round playoff series, the teams will continue to play in the daytime per the...
  • New: 1 hr 16 min ago

Hochman: Looking at the faces of October

STLtoday.com (bhochman@post-dispatch.com) — From Molina's grin to Carpenter's stoic mug to Heyward's sage-like presence, this deck of Cards is stacked with different looks and personas.
  • New: 3 hr 1 min ago

St. Louis police promise heightened presence for Cardinals' postseason games

STLtoday.com (jbock@post-dispatch.com) — Overtime will keep neighborhoods covered too, Police Chief Sam Dotson promises.
  • New: 4 hr 33 min ago

Matheny announces Cardinals' NLDS roster

STLtoday.com (bfrederickson@post-dispatch.com) — Manager says Lackey will be followed in starting rotation by Garcia, Wacha and Lynn. 
  • New: 4 hr 44 min ago

Cubs fans are finding it's easier to get tickets at Busch than at Wrigley

STLtoday.com As Wednesday's Cubs win sinks in, the first logical question for fans is how to get tickets to the next round versus archrival the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • New: 5 hr 21 min ago

BenFred: Cards vs. Cubs pairs tradition, trendy

STLtoday.com (bfrederickson@post-dispatch.com) — Good Morning, Cardinal Nation. The Cubs are hot. The Cards are playoff-savvy. Which matters more?
  • New: 8 hr 33 min ago

Miniature Cardinals-themed Arch disappears from downtown corner

STLtoday.com (jbock@post-dispatch.com) — The 10-foot arch replica celebrated the 2009 All-Star Major League Baseball game hosted in St. Louis
  • New: 8 hr 48 min ago

Matheny ‘much more optimistic’ about Molina

STLtoday.com (bfrederickson@post-dispatch.com) — Cardinals manager Mike Matheny is "much more optimistic" about Yadier Molina's postseason return.
  • 17 hr 38 min ago

Arrieta pitches Cubs past Pirates

STLtoday.com (dgoold@post-dispatch.com) — Matchup with Cards in NLDS is up next
  • 18 hr 18 min ago

Hochman: Christmas in October has arrived as Cards-Cubs playoff finally here

STLtoday.com (bhochman@post-dispatch.com) — Teams start playoff series Friday at Busch Stadium
  • 18 hr 23 min ago

Lackey's 'a guy you could absolutely count on every time'

STLtoday.com (rhummel@post-dispatch.com) — Will pitch in Game 1 against the Cubs on Friday
  • 18 hr 23 min ago


STLtoday.com INDIANAPOLIS (2-2) at HOUSTON (1-3)
  • 18 hr 33 min ago

Week 5 NFL games to be televised in St. Louis

STLtoday.com (dcaesar@post-dispatch.com) — This week's NFL television schedule for St. Louis:
  • 1 day ago

Expecting low-scoring game, Pirates follow the glove

STLtoday.com (dgoold@post-dispatch.com) — Rodriguez, who has a Cards connection, will start at first base over the big-bat, poor-glove Alvarez
  • 1 day ago

Bourjos says he's not on playoff roster

STLtoday.com (rhummel@post-dispatch.com) — Fleet Cards center fielder was just two for his last 41 at-bats (both homers) in regular season. 
  • 1 day 1 hr ago

Hochman: As Cards catchphrases go, these are 'Classic ... go to bat!'

STLtoday.com (bhochman@post-dispatch.com) — Losing teams have sayings, too. But there's something fun about the sayings said and spread by winning teams like the Cardinals.
  • 1 day 2 hr ago

Wacha seeks timing as Cards return to field

STLtoday.com (dgoold@post-dispatch.com) — Acknowledging a hiccup in his mechanics, starter has been beset with control issues that led to an inflated ERA in September.
  • 1 day 7 hr ago

Lackey named Cardinals' Game 1 starter

STLtoday.com (bfrederickson@post-dispatch.com) — Matheny called veteran Lackey "the obvious choice" as Game 1 starter, but declined to share other postseason roster decisions.
  • 1 day 7 hr ago

Cards explain the Molina factor

STLtoday.com (dgoold@post-dispatch.com) — It's clear why the Redbirds are doing everything they can to get him on the playoff roster.
  • 1 day 19 hr ago

Hochman: Expecations higher than ever for Cards in postseason

STLtoday.com (bhochman@post-dispatch.com) — Know-it-alls will be waiting to judge Matheny's every move.
  • 1 day 19 hr ago
Blog Articles

NLDS preview: How do the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs stack up against one another?

Viva El Birdos (Ben Humphrey) — The Chicago Cubs defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday night at PNC Park in the National League wild-card game. The win marks the Cubs' first postseason victory since 2003 (Chicago was...
  • New: 8 hr 3 min ago

Slight repertoire manipulations beneficial for John Lackey and the St. Louis Cardinals

Viva El Birdos (Joe Schwarz) — John Lackey, tomorrow's game one starter, has reaped the benefits of slight adjustments to his repertoire since becoming a member of the St. Louis Cardinals at the 2014 trade deadline. Tomorrow...
  • New: 10 hr 33 min ago

National League Wild Card open thread - Pittsburgh Pirates vs. Chicago Cubs

Viva El Birdos (Ben Humphrey) — Gerrit Cole vs. Jake Arrieta Today's Lineups CHICAGO CUBS PITTSBURGH PIRATES Dexter Fowler - CF Gregory Polanco - RF Kyle Schwarber - RF Josh Harrison - 3B Kris...
  • 23 hr 43 min ago

The Cardinals, Pirates, and Cubs utilized different methods for pitching success in 2015

Viva El Birdos (Joe Schwarz) — At 2.94, 3.23, and 3.36, respectively, the St. Louis Cardinals , Pittsburgh Pirates , and Chicago Cubs recorded the top three earned run averages in baseball this season. Switching over to...
  • 1 day 8 hr ago

Let's Talk About Our Feelings

Viva El Birdos (the red baron) — The playoffs are here, more or less. And it will only get more real from here on in. So how is everyone feeling? Morning, all. It is October. Real October, that is; there was a game of...
  • 1 day 10 hr ago

America League Wild Card open thread - New York Yankees vs. Houston Astros - October 6, 2015

Viva El Birdos (Ben Humphrey) — Dallas Keuchel vs. Masahiro Tanaka Today's Lineups HOUSTON ASTROS NEW YORK YANKEES Jose Altuve - 2B Brett Gardner - CF George Springer - RF Chris Young - LF ...
  • 1 day 22 hr ago

Who should be on the St. Louis Cardinals' NLDS roster?

Viva El Birdos (Ben Humphrey) — While recording the latest episode of the VEB Podcast, I had the idea to do a community-sourced St. Louis Cardinals NLDS roster. I said I'd post it on Monday, but that's because it slipped my...
  • 2 days ago

The fifth annual Cardinals VEB predictions contest results show

Viva El Birdos (Aaron Finkel) — The Cards were different and somehow better than we thought they would be in 2015: A look back at when we looked ahead. As we sit at the gates of yet another Cardinals post-season adventure,...
  • 2 days ago

MLB announces St. Louis Cardinals' NLDS Games 1 and 2 start times

Viva El Birdos (Ben Humphrey) — Major League Baseball announced the NLDS start times through Sunday. That covers the first two NLDS for the St. Louis Cardinals . Per the  Cardinals' official Twitter account , here are the...
  • 3 days ago

The postseason is here! - A Hunt and Peck

Viva El Birdos (lil_scooter93) — WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Obligatory: Find the complete MLB Postseason bracket  here and schedule  here . what else is going on in...
  • 3 days ago

St. Louis Cardinals' NLDS Game 1 starter: John Lackey or Jaime Garcia?

Viva El Birdos (Ben Humphrey) — Let's stipulate that Michael Wacha should not start NLDS Game 1. Joe  delved into his second-half struggles last week. As Aaron and I discussed on  the VEB Podcast NLDS preview , ...
  • 3 days ago

St. Louis Cardinals podcast: 2015 NLDS preview

Viva El Birdos (Ben Humphrey) — VEB editor emeritus Aaron Finkel joins site manager Ben Humphrey On Wednesday, the St. Louis Cardinals clinched their third consecutive National League Central division title. That rendered...
  • 3 days ago

Cardinals @ Braves recap 10.4 X 2 - Cards finish regular season with Senior-itis

Viva El Birdos (WyoCardsFan) — The St. Louis Cardinals finished up their 2015 regular season with a doubleheader against the Atlanta Braves On Wednesday, the St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates in game two of...
  • 4 days ago

The Cardinals' Playoff Outfield Dilemma

Viva El Birdos (the red baron) — The Cardinals have called upon a remarkably deep stable of outfielders this season to help propel them to the playoffs. But now that the playoffs are here, how do they find room for all those fly...
  • 4 days ago

St Louis Cardinals at Atlanta Braves postponed; doubleheader Sunday

Viva El Birdos (Ben Humphrey) — The St. Louis Cardinals and Atlanta Braves were slated to play their penultimate game of the 2015 regular season tonight at Turner Field. But the weather was not cooperative. After a two-hour...
  • 4 days ago

Three trades that led to 2015 success for the Cardinals

Viva El Birdos (Nick Lampe) — The Cardinals are known for having a lot of quality homegrown players, but some of their most successful players in 2015 were acquired via trade. In baseball, one of the best and most...
  • 5 days ago

2015.10.02 Cardinals at Braves Recap: cards lose 4-0, but it is cool

Viva El Birdos (lil_scooter93) — I am resting up for the playoffs. pre game game i do not like when people refer to games as "meaningless". yes, tonight's game will have no effect on the final standing,...
  • 5 days ago

Cardinals at Braves Preview: Six things you might not know

Viva El Birdos (lil_scooter93) — Seriously. The 100-56 Cardinals are in Atlanta to take on the 64-95 Braves in the final three game set of the season. With the Cardinals having clinched, and the Braves out of the...
  • 6 days ago
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Reason #5 to Sign Jason Heyward

Viva El Birdos (lil_scooter93) — (I think I am at #5, anyway...) #SignJasonHeyward Because He is perfectly perfect in every conceivable way... Word. Your browser does not support iframes. what else is going on in...
  • 6 days ago
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NL Central champion St. Louis Cardinals' performance within division was pivotal

Viva El Birdos (Ben Humphrey) — The St. Louis Cardinals defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates on Wednesday to secure the National League Central division crown and the automatic berth to the accompanying NLDS berth. It was fitting...
  • 6 days ago
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