Charlie Brown: the worst manager of all time? HardballTalk (Craig Calcaterra) — Patrick Dubuque of The Hardball Times mounts an in-depth study of the Peanuts' Gang's manager.
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John Baker, Jeremy Brown, coal mines and class HardballTalk (Craig Calcaterra) — The lives of a couple of "Moneyball" players serves as a jumping off point for a good Monday morning rant.
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What's on Deck Today at Spring Training

NY Times: Bats (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) — What to watch for today at spring training:
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Roundup: Yu Darvish, Returning From Injury, Looks Sharp

NY Times: Bats (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) — Yu Darvish, the Rangers’ ace, who was shut down last August with elbow inflammation, threw 14 pitches without discomfort and disputed the notion that he quit on the team last season.
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Mets Inject Drama Into Camp, Hoping to Entertain Fans

NY Times: Bats (By TIM ROHAN) — Spring training is the only time when the team’s production arm and its cable channel, SNY, have extended access to players, so SNY has been shooting videos to use during regular-season games.
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Carlos Rodon will take Chris Sale’s rotation spot in Cactus League action HardballTalk (Bill Baer) — Though pitching prospect Carlos Rodon is taking over for Chris Sale, he likely isn't pitching for an Opening Day role with the White Sox.
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Derek Jeter’s Lessons Live On ... With Blue Jays

NY Times: Bats (By DAVID WALDSTEIN) — The former Yankees catcher Russell Martin, who signed with Toronto in the off-season, said he had vivid memories of Derek Jeter’s strict routines and unyielding approach to the game.
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Yoenis Cespedes would like to play for the Tigers beyond 2015 HardballTalk (Bill Baer) — Yoenis Cespedes could see himself wearing a Tigers uniform for many years.
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Yankees, Eager to Retire Numbers, Subtract Options for Current Players

NY Times: Bats (By BILLY WITZ) — The Yankees retire numbers with gusto, 18 to date and three more soon, but this zest also limits options when it comes to assigning numbers to current players.
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Bryce Harper: “I have to step up a little bit.” HardballTalk (Bill Baer) — Bryce Harper wants to do more to help out on offense for the Nationals.
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To Questions, Alex Rodriguez Has but One Real Reply

NY Times: Bats (By BILLY WITZ) — In an abbreviated 85-second meeting with reporters, Rodriguez brushed off questions about when he might take the field in a game with “I’ll talk to Joe first” or a variation of it.
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Yu Darvish, when asked if he quit on the Rangers last season: “That is bull [expletive].” HardballTalk (Bill Baer) — Yu Darvish was colorful in responding to critics who think he quit on the Rangers last year due to an elbow injury.
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Nats' Scherzer Simulates Everything, Including Anthem

NY Times: Bats (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) — Max Scherzer was warming up in the bullpen, getting ready to head onto the field to throw his first batting practice session for the Washington Nationals.
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Phillies open up spring training with a loss to the University of Tampa HardballTalk (Bill Baer) — The Phillies kicked off the spring with a loss to a college team.
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Baseball’s back: A look at the very first game of 2015 Big League Stew (Ian Denomme) — CLEARWATER, Fla. – If you’re living in a part of North America that is still under multiple feet of snow, or dealing with freezing temperatures baseball is a sight for sore eyes. On Sunday, there was real life baseball being played under sunny skies on a flawless spring day in Florida. We’re still 35 days away from Opening Day, but the first official game on the MLB schedule took place...
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