Joe Maddon's departure from Tampa Bay means he'll have his pick of jobs Tim Brown (Tim Brown) — Joe Maddon, who guided the Tampa Bay Rays to their first six winning seasons and the 2008 World Series, on Friday opted out of his contract with the club and presumably will seek to manage elsewhere. He is the second significant figure to leave the Rays this month. Andrew Friedman, their longtime general manager, became president of baseball operations for the Los Angeles Dodgers on Oct. 14....
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Crazy theory: Joe Maddon as the Dodgers general manager? HardballTalk (Craig Calcaterra) — It would actually make a lot of sense.
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World Series Fan Creates Buzz With Marlins Jersey

NY Times: Bats (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) — Among the standouts at Games 1 and 2 of the World Series was a Miami Marlins fan in the front row behind home plate.
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Manager Joe Maddon Opts Out of Tampa Bay Rays Contract

NY Times: Bats (By TYLER KEPNER) — The resignation of Maddon, 60, comes on the heels of the departure of General Manager Andrew Friedman to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are managed by Don Mattingly.
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Maddon Excises Opt-Out, Won't Return to Rays

NY Times: Bats (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) — Joe Maddon won't be returning to the Tampa Bay Rays.
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Joe Maddon won't manage Tampa Bay Rays in 2015 Big League Stew (David Brown) — Contrary to statements he made  10 days ago after Andrew Friedman left the Tampa Bay Rays to join the Los Angeles Dodgers, Joe Maddon reportedly is using an opt-out clause in his contract with the Rays to leave the organization. He won't manage them in 2015, which Major League Baseball's account on Twitter confirms.   Buster Olney of ESPN had the news first.   More to come. More...
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Shocker! Joe Maddon to opt out of his contract and leave the Rays HardballTalk (Craig Calcaterra) — Will he follow Andrew Friedman to Los Angeles?
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Omar Infante is in some pain and is taking Toradol to treat it HardballTalk (Craig Calcaterra) — The powerful and controversial drug is allowing Game 2's hero to battle through shoulder pain.
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Video: Peanut vendor launches a bag to the upper deck during Game 1 HardballTalk (Craig Calcaterra) — Great Moments in Peanuts and Cracker Jack
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HistorySource: The President Attends the World Series

NY Times: Bats (By MICHAEL BESCHLOSS) — Politics seems to have been as big a motive for presidential appearances over the decades as love of the national pastime.
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Miguel Cabrera had surgery for bone spurs. And for a stress fracture in his foot. HardballTalk (Craig Calcaterra) — For the second straight year we realize that Miguel Cabrera finished the season in way more pain than the Tigers had let on.
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Baseball is dying, you guys HardballTalk (Craig Calcaterra) — CTRL-C, CTRL-V
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“The San Francisco Giants are what the Yankees used to be” HardballTalk (Craig Calcaterra) — Quite the hot take from John McGrath of the Tacoma News-Tribune
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Hunter Strickland is “embarrassed” HardballTalk (Craig Calcaterra) — A day later, Strickland has a better handle on how he mishandled things on Wednesday night.
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